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Blousy Boxers

Now that a majority of my deadline sewing is complete, I’m able to go back and work on some projects that have been setting on my table. First up, The Louey Boxer Short! This pattern sews up exactly the same as the Tommy Boxer pattern, so I don’t really have anything new to talk about during construction. However, I can talk a little bit about the fit. While I think that the Tommy Boxer fit is spot on, the Louey is a bit blousy in the legs (you can probably see this in the photo as the fabric is ballooned out around his legs). Even though these are meant to be large and roomy, the elastic pulls in the fabric so much they look a bit odd on if you’re not wearing a shirt to help hold all that extra material down, in place next to your legs. I think the key to sewing this one for next time is to sew a size down, but use the same length of elastic for the wasitband.

Easiest Project

I have way too many “irons in the fire” at the moment so I’m discovering I have a little progress done on several items (instead of my usual work until it’s done and then move onto the next project). Since I haven’t really started on the Louey boxers yet, I thought I would do the next best thing… make a coordinating shirt. I used a scrap of the leftover Star Wars material to make a patch – fortunately I was able to use the entire comic book cover (this is a ‘toss’ so the rest of the comics that appear on the fabric are covered up by other designs, this image is the only one that is whole). Easiest project, ever – plus I feel like I’ve made a dent in my sewing list.

Louey, Louey

When I purchased the Star Wars fabric for my latest swap, Easton had decided that after I was done making a burp cloth and matching onesie, I needed to make him some pajamas. So, I bought what I thought would be enough material to make all three… apparently I was wrong.

Originally, I traced off the snugly pajamas in Sewing for Boys, but discovered that a one piece design was too wide for the amount of fabric I had left over. I figured that since a one piece pattern wouldn’t work, surely a two part pattern would be better. So I hit the fabric store (by the way, finding a pajama bottom for a child that isn’t in one piece is much more difficult than what you’d expect) and brought home Burda 9747. After cutting out the appropriate size (and making a few waistlength adjustments), I discovered, this pattern would have fit if my material wasn’t a directional design. Boo. I now realize the only real option is shorts and decided to get the sister (or is it brother) pattern to SisBoom’s Tommy Boxers – The Louey. Finally, a pattern that I know will work!

Project Details:

Pattern: SisBoom Louey Boxer/a>

Star Wars cotton print

Materials & Cost: