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Disco Pants

Even though (almost) everyone was on vacation last week (no running everyone around to practices and games, no big school events, etc.), I found that I got very little time in for sewing. By Sunday, I was in dire need of “sewing therapy” and decided I needed to stitch up an “instant gratification project.”

I’ve noticed that clothing is extremely shimmery lately (sequins, sparkles, rhinestones, etc. and not just for tops!), therefore, I decided that I needed to sparkle too. So I dug around my stash and pulled out a blacksilver poly lurex (it’s very much like a stretch liquid lame) that I’ve been holding onto for almost two years – waiting for just the right project. I went with KwikSew 3636 – leggings in 3 different styles and two different fits (close and very close fitting). Even though I’ve sewn this pattern up before, this was the first time I used it on myself. I went with view B in a medium, close fit style… and wound up making a few changes after it was all sewn up. First off, the rise in these leggings are HUGE – I wound up cutting off 1 1/2″ and the waistband is still right below my navel. After a brief test fit, I also found that the fit was a little loose around the legs, especially the calves. This could be in part that the fabric is incredibly stretchy, but also because I could have gone down a size in these areas. To remedy this, I wound up taking this area in another 1/4″ (basically using 1/2″ seam allowances instead of 1/4″). The rest of the leggings went together without a hitch and I think the end result is pretty fun, although a bit on the disco side. I’m sure that I won’t have the opportunity to wear them often, but watch out world when I do!

Project Details:

Pattern: KwikSew 3636

SilverBlack Poly Lurex from Sew Much

Materials & Cost: