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Sexy Snake

My first project of the new year is…. done! I’m chalking this one up to being completed so fast due to the fact we were still on ‘vacation’ (tomorrow it’s back to school and I think we’ll all be dragging), but I will also admit that it’s a very easy pattern to sew. I’m fairly pleased with the outcome too, although there is a lot of print going on here, even for me (I’m thinking this is an ‘evening’going out look). I think with a future top I may try using a contrast for the shrug looking section, sleeves and back to tone down very bold designs. The thing I like most? The fit. It is perfect, right out of the package. I was so excited at how this top looks on I’m thinking I may have to do another right away!

In fact it made me go out and buy another Jalie design – 3132. When I was out shopping recently, I saw this style a lot in ready-to-wear casual so I’m excited to make a few of my own (I also think this is a pattern that Taylor wouldn’t mind wearing either).

First Project For 2012

Because of the holidays I neglected to show you my final project of 2011… one last name pillow (I swear this is the last one for awhile):

As much as I enjoyed all the Christmas gift sewing, it’s now time to do something just for me! I searched my pattern and fabric stash and decided on Jalie 2794: The Sweetheart Top. I’ve had this pattern for awhile now, but never sewed it up because I was ‘out of shape’ after having Easton. I think now that I have my body back (or at least as back as it’s going to get) it’s time to finally try it out! I settled on a fun fabric – a snake skin jersey that has a bit of sheen to it. I can’t wait to get started!

Project Details:

Pattern: Jalie 2794

Slither Me Timbers Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Materials & Cost: