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A Matching Top

What’s a workout skort without a matching top? I used the rest of the material from my Jalie 2796 project to whip up a second zippered V-Neck. I wanted it to coordinate with the skirt fabrics, but didn’t want to do any color blocking so instead, I made the top exterior out of the light gray (these are the side panels on the skort), used a dark grayblue contrasting zipper and used the dark grayblue fabric for the lining – if you look closely when it’s unzipped you can see that the material peeking out.

I can honestly say that this top went together much smoother the second time around, although the fit is different from my first top – I now realize that this material does have a lot less stretch. Consequently, it’s a lot more snug – especially around the bust area. Maybe all this working out make me lose a few pounds and help with the lack of stretchfit?

Sick Day

Ahhh, illness. It’s been running through our house like a madman since Easter. It seems as if everyone has been getting a nasty viral infection that as resulted in visits to the doctor for one reason or another and apparently, it’s my turn. Consequently, I’ve got nothing ready for today. I will say that I did manage to make my way to Needle Nook Fabrics earlier in the week for new wick-away material (for those that are interested, she has several colors: hot pink, purple, and several shades of blue) so that I can start on Jalie 2796 with a matching zippered top (incidentally, the colors are very similar to the skort model on the pattern envelope) once my medicine starts kicking in. I’ll be posting more information on this project along with my swimsuit progress and a book review early next week – I’ve got some catching up to do!

Zippered V-Neck

I just can’t work on a project if I’m not ‘feeling it’. As much as I want a fabulous new purse, I just couldn’t get into the mindset of working on a bag this weekend. So instead, I scoured my patterns and decided on a new top: Jalie 2682. Not only did I want to make this perfect for summer, but I wanted it to look and feel sporty – so I decided to use some wicking material that I picked up from Needle Nook last year. I think the ‘details’ of this top are lost in the photo because it’s so dark, but I have to say – I LOVE this shirt. Even though I’ve made this style before, I think this particular one is the most comfortable (probably because of the material) and I think it will look perfect with a pair of athletic shorts. In fact, I love it so much, I’m thinking buying more interspanwicking material and making a two-tone version with a matching skort sometime soon!

Project Details:

Pattern: Jalie 2682, View A

Black Interspan from Needle Nook Fabrics

Materials & Cost: