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1972 Review

First off, I’m going to apologize for the horrible photo of my latest project… Easton dropped our camera rendering it useless so I’m stuck using my phone (note to self: my next phone purchase will include a fantastic camera built in) until we buy a new one. With that said, I am finished with my Simplicity top! So, what did I think about this Sew Simple pattern? It’s, o.k. Let me explain further:

I think what makes these patterns “Sew Simple” is that there isn’t a lot inside the package – one look (no options length, etc.), simple closures (i.e. elastic waists instead of fitted), and lots of ease (so little to no fitting). The directions are simple to follow, but don’t expect any additional tips or tricks on working with the material, etc. (I’m thinking you’ll probably have to select a Sewing for Dummies pattern if you’re looking for that). I will say that I think Simplicity’s “Sew Simple” pattern line is much more on trend than their “It’s So Easy” collection – not just the pattern envelope design (which reminds me of the original Built by Wendy series), but the garments themselves. 1972 is a perfect example, it has a modern shape, fabric belt (very hot right now), and cute sleeve detailing. However, what kills it for me is how it draws too much attention to your waist area. See all that fabric in the sleeves? A lot of that gets gathered into the waistline and makes a pooch right around your midsection. An easy solution would be to wear the belt lower, but since this top is on the short side, wearing it lower would mean right around the hem line so that doesn’t work either. My solution? Wearing this top slightly off the shoulder so you line of sight is drawn upward. Because the neckline of this top is fairly large, it works without looking stretched out, plus I think it gives it a more modern look, too. Overall, not a bad pattern, but I don’t think I see myself making it again.

Sew Simple

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a Simplicity pattern. A few years ago, I stopped wearing them (aside from costumes, I feel like Simplicity has more options) because they never did fit right without lots of alterations. More recently, Simplicity has come out with a ‘new’ line called Sew Simple – an easy to sew collection that has some ‘trendy’ looks, so I thought I would give one a try. I decided on 1972, a “peasant-style”, knit shirt with a tie belt and fun sleeve ‘detailing’. I think this design is a fun look that can be dressed up or down and a perfect style for fall. I searched my stash and decided on a pretty purple jersey that has wonderful drape – which is going to be important with this style so I don’t look like I’m ‘expecting’. I can’t wait to get started! Anyone else testing out this pattern line?

Project Details:

Pattern: Simplicity 1972

Purple cotton jersey from Sew Much

Materials & Cost: