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I finally had the opportunity to finish my Scientific Seamstress bowling shirt. Even though I wound up not following all the instructions, it was probably one of the easiest button down shirts I’ve ever put together (and definitely would have been even easier if I would have done everything outlined in her directions). Unfortunately, Easton likes the idea of wearing this shirt, but won’t keep this shirt on for more than 30 seconds (which it why you see a picture of it on the hanger and not my model) so I think I’ll have to chalk this one up as a wasted effort (although he did say that if we go bowling he will wear it) – what a shame because I think it turned out pretty cute.

Now this leaves me with one question – where’s the adult version of this top? I’d love to make a fun, retro style bowling shirt for myself!

Moral of the Story

When you first start sewing, you get a lot of advice. To this day, I still follow 90% of it, but one thing I often skip? Reading the directions before I start sewing. Yesterday I was reminded why I need to read them….. Apparently this bowling shirt is constructed like no other shirt I have ever made and is completely lined. This might not have been a huge issue if I would have read this before, but after cutting, I just didn’t have enough material to line the shirt (and after thinking about it, decided the shirt would be ‘too heavy’ if it was lined anyway) so I had to re-think the whole construction process.

After deciding how I should tackle sewing, I wound up with the shirt you see on the left. It still needs hems, button holesbuttons, and a shirt logo for the back, but the hardest parts are really finished at this point. Even though I didn’t really follow the instructions, after all, the pieces came together beautifully and easily. I think this would have been a great beginner button-down shirt design if you follow everything as outlined!

So what’s the moral of the story? Even though you may think you know what you’re doing, you may be surprised in the end. Always read your direction first – even before cutting you material!

Let’s Bowl

Whoops! With all the excitement going on here, I almost forgot to put up today’s post! Between my closest friend in the delivery room as we speak and Taylor off to freshman orientation (I can’t believe she’s almost ready for high school), lots of things have slipped my mind today! What else is making news? My new project! I finally decided on…..

The Scientific Seamstress Bowling Shirt! Actually, Easton decided that this would be the perfect project to work on so I started cutting the material last night. I had picked up this fun bowling print quite awhile ago from and (we) had decided to use a nice white Kona cotton to offset all the black. I’m hoping to find a good bowling themed image to put on the back of the shirt once it’s finished. I’ll put up all the patternfabric detail this evening – once I’m more organized and my thoughts are better collected! Pattern information is up!

Project Details:

Pattern: Scienfitic Seamstress‘ Bowling Shirt

Bowling themed cotton from

White cotton from Joann’s

Materials & Cost: