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McCall 6359

For quite some time, I stayed away from a lot of the ‘Big 4’ patterns because I found so many of them were just ill fitting. I recently started sewing with a few of them again and have had some wonderful turnouts. That is until today. During a recent sale I decided to pick up McCall 6359 – a women’s tunic with several different looks. What caught my attention was the design with the lace strapback since this looked to be very current. I raided my stash and came up with a lightly printed floral, cotton jersey that was in a fabric bundle from Fabric Mart. I had never used this material before since it looked it should be made into pajamas, but I thought it might work since it looked ‘vintage’ and thus right off the cover of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Since the pattern says it’s ‘fitted’ across the bust, I went ahead and used my ‘appropriate’ size. Not only is this top rather large all over, but the underarms are GIGANTIC (the photos really don’t capture how big everything looks).

I didn’t even bother fixing the arm problem or even completing this top. It looks bad on and just doesn’t make me feel comfortable wearing it – I sort of feel like I’m wearing a small tent. I’m chalking this up as a wadder and getting rid of the entire pattern set completely because I think all the version are going to have some of the same issues. Instead, I think I’ll try an Ottobre, Jalie, or Burda pattern that I know I’ll like the fit of.

Project Details:

McCall’s 6359 (view C)

Floral cotton jersey from Fabric Mart

White lace from Joann’s

Materials & Cost: