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McCall 6069

Since my Vogue dress didn’t quite work for me, I was scrambling to find something that would work for this past weekend’s wedding. I recently picked up McCall 6069 and searched the stash for a fabric that might work….. I settled on a black, floral jersey that I had purchased a long time ago at a Joann’s clearance sale.

Overall, this dress was a great replacement – it was comfortable to wear (although I eliminated the back strap across the neck and I have a feeling I wouldn’t have had ‘shoulder slippage’ if I would have kept it), easy to sew, and best of all, it has pockets! Even though this dress was labeled as ‘1 hour’, I found it took longer than that to sew (closer to two) so be sure to allot yourself enough time to make this dress. For anyone thinking that you need a serger to sew up jerseys: I made this dress exclusively on my sewing machine!

Project Details:

Vogue 6069, View A

Black floral jersey from Joann’s

Materials & Cost: