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Glow In The Dark

Rounding out the last of the toddler pajamas is this fun skull print version. What makes it so fun? It glows in the dark! I had picked this print up last year from The Fabric Fairy (they still have it, although it’s now a ‘special order’) and LOVE it – not only is the print fun, but it glows very brightly! I was a bit of a risk using it (it gives Easton an excuse to stay up and something to look at), but everyone seems to like them.

With the pajama sweatshop finished, I’m now onto make a few swap items for my Christmas Stocking Swap partner. I’m excited about some of the projects and fabrics I’ve picked up!

Two New Sets

With the temperatures dropping at night, I’m very thrilled that Easton has at least two new sets of pajamas to wear. His favorite? The blue, ‘tattoo flash’ set… he couldn’t wait to wear them and I had a hard time getting them off of him. The shirts were very easy to put together and sewed up without a hitch. Now, it’s time to change up the serger thread and put together the last set!

Half Way There

After a very long week, I was happy to finally have an opportunity to sit in front of my sewing machine. It was just enough time to work on 2 pairs of the toddler sleep pants from Kwik Sew 3510 (I would have worked on the third set, but I need to change the thread in my serger before I sewing it). Since this is my third year working with this pajama, I’m not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said – it’s a great TNT (tried ‘n true) pattern!

I plan on spending part of my weekend finishing these up – it’s getting really chilly at night! What is everyone else working on?

Cutting, and Cutting, and Cutting…

It’s been so long since I’ve done any ‘assembly line’ type sewing (making several of the same clothing item), I’ve actually forgotten how long all the ‘prep work’ takes. I actually thought I would spend some time behind my sewing machine this weekend, but instead, all I did was use my scissors. I am, however, ready to sew 3 pairs of pajamas and one long sleeved, boys’s Jalie 2918! Now I’m just crossing my fingers that someone decides to take a nap so I can get started… it’s getting chilly at night and he definitely needs some new sleepwear!

Kwik Sew 3510

Fall has arrived – the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Around our house, it’s almost time to give up those short pajamas and crack out the long pants…. which means, it’s pajama sewing time! I picked up several fun prints right before The Fabric Fairy closed, including a tattoo design and a Halloween print. I also pulled out the glow in the dark skull print from my stash to use for this round (hopefully that won’t be too entertaining at night that Easton won’t sleep).

Even though I’ve made this pattern for several years, Easton has grown enough that it’s time to trace off a new one. I still need to cut into the fabric, but have been spending my time getting things ready for a neighboorhood wide garage sale (how crazy am I for doing that?). The nice thing about this particular pattern is that it really doesn’t use that much fabric, so I should have enough left over for next year (or at last enough for some contrasts) or a shirt. The details for this project are below:

Project Details:

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3510

A variety of jersey prints from The Fabric Fairy

Materials & Cost: