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Ahoy, Mickey

I really dislike having to change my serger thread so while I had black in my machine, I thought it was a good opportunity to finish up a quick shirt for Easton. I really loved this pirate themed Mickey shirt when I first spotted it at The Fabric Fairy so I snagged it up whenever it became available. After receiving it, I realized it’s a bit on the thin side – not the best material for pajamas, but perfect for a ,so I opted to use my favorite mensboys pattern, Jalie 2918. I used the double layered sleeved view of the pattern and a contrasting black interlock to complete the look. I like the way it turned out, but Easton insists it’s a pajama top and not something you wear to school – I guess I’m not the only one that thought it looked like it was destined for sleepwear!

Cutting, and Cutting, and Cutting…

It’s been so long since I’ve done any ‘assembly line’ type sewing (making several of the same clothing item), I’ve actually forgotten how long all the ‘prep work’ takes. I actually thought I would spend some time behind my sewing machine this weekend, but instead, all I did was use my scissors. I am, however, ready to sew 3 pairs of pajamas and one long sleeved, boys’s Jalie 2918! Now I’m just crossing my fingers that someone decides to take a nap so I can get started… it’s getting chilly at night and he definitely needs some new sleepwear!

Volcom #2

Apparently the second shirt I made wasn’t as well received, because, unlike yesterday’s shirt, Easton didn’t want to even try this one on. I’m disappointed, too, since I like the way this one turned out – even the v-neck turned out perfect! At least I know this one will fit since he already wore the other tee. Of course, my real question is: Since when did Easton get so picky about his clothes?

Loud & Busy

I think this shirt describes Easton to a ‘T’ (no pun intended) – it’s loud, busy, and fun. And while I think this print works well in small quantities, but I can’t imagine it in on a teen boy… I mean, that’s a lot of design going on there!

For this version, I went with a ‘G’ (roughly designed for 3 year-olds). I think it fits well, except for the neckline – even though the material has a lot of stretch, Easton must have a larger head than what’s intended for this size because it’s hard to get on and even harder to get off. Next time I’ll have to go up one size this this area and I think it should fit better. Otherwise, it’s a great shirt!

I’ve decided to make the next Volcom print a V-neck. I think this should. give a little bit of variety to his wardrobe (everything is a crew neck) and should also solve the neckline issue since it should give him a little more give there.

New Boy’s Shirts

Before this weekend’s fiasco(s), I rummaged though my fabric stash and noticed all the unused kid’s ‘novelty’ knits that I had. I decided that it was time to put them all to good use – not only will this clear some room in my closet, but the sewing is always instant gratification! One of the first projects I intend on tackling: some new shirts for Easton. He’s grown quite a bit over the last few months and a majority of his tees show his belly. I plan on using some cool, Volcom fabrics from The Fabric Fairy to make up Jalie 2918, the short sleeved men’s T-shirt.

Project Details:

Jalie 2918, View A

Volcom fabrics from The Fabric Fairy

Materials & Cost:
Fabric………$5.94 (+ stash)