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Ruffle Panty

Just a few minutes ago, I completed my first pair of Action Pants. I was anxious to give this pattern a try not just because it could be a fun Valentine pair, but also because it uses woven material – opening up a whole new range of fabric possibilities. Now that I’m finished, I thought I should put up a mini-review… here’s my thoughts:

Action Pants is an e-pattern – the PDF was sent quickly so you can get started (almost) right away. Directions for putting the pattern together are included, but just a warning – unlike many downloadable patterns, there are no registration marks included with these. I was able to ‘match’ everything up based on the overlapping lettering, but it seemed a bit trickier than ‘traditional’ e-patterns. The directions give you several options for ruffles: either using fabric that is rolled or narrow hemmed or ribbon – either can be ruffled or pleated. I decided to try using ribbon (ruffled, pleated just made the particular ribbon I picked out look too heavy) that coordinated with the seersucker fabric that I picked up. This was probably the easiest option since there was no finishing involved, but still was a time consuming process. After attaching the ruffles and side seams, I have to admit, I didn’t follow the directions (except for constructing the waistband). Instead of using lingerie (or picot) edge elastic, I decided to use fold-over elastic. I made two mistakes in this area: 1) I shouldn’t have serged the raw edges because I had some of the thread peeking out in a few places and 2) I cut the wrong size elastic for the leg hole the first time I sewed it down. This would be the reason I spent several minutes cursing trying to get it all to fit.

Speaking of fit, they look surprisingly well… from the back. I think the front panel has a bit too much material (both lengthwise and around the leg area) and I plan on tweaking that if I make these again. Otherwise, this is a seriously cute and fun pattern with pretty good directions. Although this pattern is labeled for beginners, I would suggest this for intermediate to advanced beginners only because there are lots of techniques involved that may frustrate someone who hasn’t had some projects under their belt.

Project Details:

Bettsy Kingston’s Action Pants


Seersucker from Hancock Fabrics

Materials & Cost: