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One More Pair

Because I couldn’t help but make one more pair of pajamas…… I present The Dino Jammies. I have to say, I am quite impressed with this Joann knit – it’s a beefier weight, super soft, and sews up extremely well (in fact, this would make a perfect material for someone wanting to try sewing on knits). In fact, I’m so happy with it, I may have to go back this year and see what they have in stock that’s similar in weight!
Now I just need to wait for the weather to warm up before I put Easton in these – our temperatures the past few weeks have taken a dive (and are unusually cool for this time of year). Next up – the asymmetrical top!

Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done!

Wow, it’s Friday – where has the entire week gone? I am happy to say that at least one project is entirely done….. Easton’s pajamas. I’ve been thrilled with Kwik Sew’s kid’s pajama patterns – they’re easy to sew and consistently have a great fit. Now if I could just get some cool character knits for boys (like Toy Story, Shrek), I’d never have to purchase store bought ones again! In fact I like this pattern so much, I’ve already cut out another set, this time in dinosaurs. This particular print I picked up late last year when Joann’s had knit prints at 60% off (it’s a great, beefy weight knit that looks like it should sew up well). Then onto the asymmetrical top before making some prototypes for The Sewing Republic (I have the second large project mapped out – now lets see if the math is correct!). What’s on your sewing list for the weekend?


I’m happy to report that the shirts for Kwik Sew 3034 are completely finished! (the shorts are almost done, but I still need to add a tag, fold the waistband and insert the elastic). The shirts are pretty straightforward sewing, but I wound up needing to cut different material for the neckbands. Even though the material I originally intended on using fits the ”pick-a-knit” rule, it was so tight fitting it around the neck that I didn’t see how I would squeeze Easton’s head through the hole once it was done….. something to keep in mind if you decide to sew this one for yourself!
Now it’s off to enjoy the one, non-rainy day of the week and hopefully wear out Easton enough that I can finish those shorts.

Step Two: Cutting The Fabric

Aside from changing out the thread on my serger, I’m all set to sew up some new pajamas for Easton! I think that these should come together fairly quickly now that I’ve cut out the fabric – although I will say, I’m a bit concerned that the red and brown material doesn’t have quite enough stretch to it. They fit the ‘pick a knit’ rule on the back of the envelope, but neither one of them seems to have enough ‘give’ to it for my taste (I guess I really like super stretchy sleepwear). Consequently, I’ve cut extra material for the ‘ribbing’ around the neck – I just don’t want to feel like I’m jamming Easton’s head through the shirts. Now all I need is for someone to nap good so I can capitalize on this productivity I’m feeling right now!

New Projects

While we were out yesterday, I thought I would stop by Hancock Fabrics to see if they had the new Kwik Sew patterns out – and came home with 3790. Naps for Easton are few and far between anymore, but thanks to a growth spurt, he laid down long enough yesterday for me to get this pattern traced off as well as 3034. Since I’ve declared May a ‘sew up my stash month’, I leaning toward using some for the Vera Wang jersey that I had picked up awhile ago from for the asymmetrical top and will use the prints that I picked up from Needle Nook for the pajamas. Now if I could just assign more projects to my fabric, I might make a dent in my closet!