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Valentine’s Boxers

One thing I promised myself is that “if I’m going to make a gift for a holidayspecial event, I’m giving myself plenty of time to work on it.” I know we’re only one month into the new year, but so far, I’ve stuck with it (now about writing those Pattern Reviews……). Ta-Da, Taylor’s Valentine Boxers – well before the holiday! The only change I made to this version is that I lowered the rise by an inch. I don’t think she was crazy about the fit of the previous version I made (as evidence of her hiking them up under her armpits), so I altered the pattern a bit this time around. Overall, I like the way they turned out, however the fabric, even after washing, is still stiff. I’m hoping they soften after a few more cycles. The best part? These boxers look great with the shirt I just made!

Boxer redux for 2010

Ever since Taylor was little, I’ve liked to do something special for her on Valentine’s Day. She’s now at the age where candies and toys just don’t cut it in the present department (alright candy does still work). So this year, I decided on making her a sleep set. I was thrilled that I found a perfect fabric that matched the lip stencil that I had used for myself several weeks ago (you can see the fabric print on the sidebar under the title, “Kwik Sew 2489 Boxers“) – this way I could make a set of comfy boxers and matching shirt (purchased). Instead of using the foil method, I used glitter instead (it’s supposed to hold up in the wash). After just a few minutes of work (and several hours of dry time) I wound up with the shirt on the left…… and I love it! Now it’s onto the boxers….. and deciding what Easton might like this year!