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Snow Day Shirt

We’re having a snow day! I would love to say that this means I’m going to get a lot accomplished, but I know that we’ll be spending much of the day playing in the snow, making some baked goods (why does baking always sound good when it’s a snow day?), and no doubt, playing with MoonSand (this is Easton’s new favorite activity). I did manage to finish up Easton’s latest Jalie tee. I really love the way it turned out, except that it really needs some sort of design on the front. I went ahead and put it on him yesterday, but it’s a bit plain – I’ll be searching for a coordinating tattoo logoprint over the next couple of days and will keep you posted on this shirt’s new look. Anyone else having a snow day (or just playing hooky)?


I won’t go so far as to say that I cleaned out my closet, so let’s just say that I stumbled across a shirt that really doesn’t fit anymore. It’s ages old so it’s out of style (since shirts are longer, this one looks way too short when you wear it), but it’s wonderfully soft, is a great color (I just love the darkish gray), and I just couldn’t bear to part with it. So instead of giving it way, I decided that I’m recycling it into something else….. a shirt for Easton. I intend on using Jalie 2918 and a fantastic ‘diaper cut’ print that I got from The Fabric Fairy awhile ago – just for the purpose of using it as shirt sleeves.
I went ahead and cut everything out and just barely eeked out enough fabric for both the shirt and sleeves. How close was it? I had to use the hem as neck ribbing. I wasn’t kidding that this shirt ran small!

Double Layered Tee

With just a little time in front of the sewing machine, I not only found my sanity returning (I think I may have a bit of cabin fever), but also came out with one heck of a shirt. When I purchased the thermal knit, I hadn’t intended on using it with this fabric (I was thinking of using a solid color like a recycled t-shirt), but I think they work so well together.
Overall, the pattern sewed up wonderfully. I just sort of skimmed over the directions for this pattern so I can’t speak for how they read (although I do believe that in View C, the hem for the short sleeve shirt may have been omitted?), but the pieces went together without a hitch. The finished shirt is a bit big on Easton, although it’s not a surprise since he’s not quite in the 2 size yet, but it fits about the same as some of his current RTW shirts that are marked 2T. I probably won’t alter the pattern for the next time I make this shirt as I am sure that he’ll be taking a growth spurt and everything will be different by then! All in all, a fabulous pattern from Jalie – I’ll definitely be making this one again (and again, and again!).

Change Of Plans

Call me lazy, but I have no desire to change the thread in my serger to work on my Jalie Scarf Collar Top. So, instead, I decided to start a ‘new project’…. Jalie 2918; the men’s shirts (I figure at least I’m sticking with the same company). I traced the smallest size off for Easton and dug through the stash to find some fabulous fabric. I opted for a Volcom cotton t-shirt knit and the gray thermal knit that I recently picked up (you can find all the information for this project on the sidebar). I did find that the thermal shrank quite a bit after washing it and I think that it may have lost some of it’s stretch. Consequently, I was just barely able to squeeze out enough fabric to cut out a long sleeve.
I’ve while I was cutting out material, I also caught up on Hot Pattern’s latest YouTube video(s) that discusses their handbag patterns. I own two (not counting the free Nairobi bag they had up awhile ago) and still have yet to make one. These definitely have gotten me excited about these again and may have finally given me a push to start one, soon! After watching the video, I’m leaning toward the Metropolitan Homage Tote with a metallic bronze leather I picked up from Fabric Mart. EEE! I better get sewing, my list is really starting to grow. By the way, what is everyone else working on?