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Ready For 2010 Sewing

With the new year comes new projects. So far, I’ve managed to line up 4 for myself – a cushion for our ‘mudroom’ bench, Jalie 2821, the Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas, and the Square Gusset Tee from The Sewing Republic. The details (fabrics, cost, etc.) can now be found on the sidebar!
I’ve also been mulling over some ‘sewing resolutions’ and have come up with a few:

  • Make sure I keep up with my reviews on Pattern Review. I’ve really been lax about this over the past few months and would really like to contribute more!
  • Add more projects to the sidebar on the site. I make a lot of things through out the year that don’t appear on the sidebar. Generally these are last minute, unplanned, or something that one of my children wanted me to make and are whipped up in a day. However, there are a few that I work on that take longer. For those, I need to be sure that I make a project entry.
  • Keep track of everything I make. I love those ‘year end’ reviews of what everyone sewed up during the year. Even though I detail my projects here, I never go back to see what I’ve done, cumulatively. This year, I’m making a journal for myself so come December 21, 2010 I can see what I’ve been busy working on (I may try to keep track of the yards sewn, but that seems a bit ambitious on my part).
  • Keep up with the book reviews. I got wayyyyy behind last year (I still have 4 that I would love to talk about) on book reviews. Why? They take a long time for me to write – I haven’t figured out why it takes me so long (maybe because I’m trying to cram lots of information into a short post?), but my goal is to write about them as soon as I get the book. Beware folks, by book list at Amazon is long, so you may be reading about quite a few books in 2010!