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Halloween Recap

With all the bits and pieces of costumes you’ve seen over the past few weeks, I thought I had better take a few shots of the kids in their completed looks. First up is Easton’s turtle costume. He refused to wear the hood, but was great wearing the rest of the costume – in fact we had to pry the boots off of him so that he could wear shoes to trick-or-treat in. The one good thing about this costume is that all the fleece kept him cozy while he was out…. now if he would have just worn the hood, his ears wouldn’t have gotten cold! Unfortunately, the one design flaw of this costume is the way the shell is worn – 4 strips of vecro does not have enough hold if a kid is expected to move in their costume. It held up fine if Easton didn’t extend his arms any higher than his shoulders…. anything else and the shell fell off.

Next up is Taylor’s hodpodge costume that she wound up calling ‘rainbow girl’ by the end of the evening. I have to say, for a put-together look, it turned out really cute. The best part is, all the patterns I used are all pieces I can sew up again. In fact, I think she was impressed with the fit of the capri leggings – I have a feeling that I’ll be making some more sometime this spring (so long as they are still in style).

Last, but not least, I leave you with a parting shot of our front porch this year. Easton wasn’t thrilled that we were using his zombie baby as a prop (we told him he was protecting our pumpkins) and made us bring him in after he was done trick-or-treating.

Project Details:

Jalie 2805

Kwik Sew 3636


Rainbow Stripe Jersey from Needle Nook Fabrics

White Cotton Lycra Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

One Down

One costume is completely finished! We (aright, I) decided that even though her costume wasn’t really anything in particular (there really was no theme) that a coordinating shirt would look really cute with everything. I decided on Jalie 2805 – (the newer t-shirt pattern with lots of variations) Taylor selected a V-neck style with cap sleeves. I used the stripe for the sleeves and tried to bring in a bit of color at the V-neck by using the stripe material here as well. When I had her try it on to check the fit and the length, Taylor told me that she liked the look of the jersey unfinished at the bottom (it was rolling to the right side of the material) so I didn’t bother hemming it (whew, what a time saver!). We tried to ‘spruce’ up the shirt some by trying out various different ice cream images to use as iron-ons for the front of the shirt, but we never found anything that worked or we likes so we’ve decided to skip it. I think she’s more apt to wear this again without an image anyway.
Even though Taylor’s costume doesn’t have a theme, when everything is put together, she looks very Katy Perry-ish – I’ll be sure to take pictures before she heads out the door. She’s also wanting something else to go with her costume, but honestly, I have no idea what would work….. Taylor thought about ‘crunk teeth’grillz. Um, no.

Hodgepodge Halloween

The day after Halloween last year, Taylor decided that she and her friends wanted to dress up like a banana split. This idea continued on up until a month ago (whew, because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to pull this one off). By that time my swap partner from a Halloween swap had already created a fantastic headpiece for her…. so she decided to build off of that. From there, Taylor decided that she wanted a tutu (I purchased one from Sock Dreams along with some awesome socks, but these are the same kind you can find at Halloween stores, just at a more reasonable price) and leggings – but not just any leggings….. stripe capri leggings. Since I didn’t know of anything offhand that met that description, I decided to make a pair using Kwik Sew 3636 and a cute stripe print from Needle Nook.
I made the ‘close fitting’ style of capri leggings, but after sewing them up, I thought they looked big. Thankfully after having Taylor try them on, they fit perfectly (whew) – and she was thrilled with the length. Next up is a Jalie V-neck t-shirt that coordinates with the stripe print.