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First Project Of The New Year

Thanks to a nice nap on Easton’s part, I was able to finish up the bench seat cushion. The results? Fantastic!

If I wasn’t in such a hurry to make this, I would have loved to use something like Amy Butler’s latest fabric line (urgency won out over fashion), but in all, I’m pleased with the finished design….. not bad for winging it. Now it’s on to some sewing just for me!


It seems like it’s taken forever for this week to pass and for us to finally get to Friday. Between settling back into a routine after 2 weeks of Taylor being out of school, Bret traveling (he’s been in Michigan all week, which, oddly enough, has been warmer than what we’ve been), frigid temperatures that have kept us home and inside most of the week (active toddler + trapped at home = extreme cabin fever), etc. I am in need of some serious sewing therapy. I did manage to find about 45 minutes of sewing time and began on my bench seat. So far, I’m managed to piece together the ‘band’ that goes around the seat and attach it to the top. I was going to post a picture, but honestly it’s not much to look at….. yet. Hopefully this project will be finished by the weekend.
By the way, I forgot to say “thank you” yesterday to Sarah for the link she sent yesterday and to Josh and Erika for all their screen printing advice!

Mulling It Over

I think I can say, “the worst is over”. I broke down and cut the material and the foam for the bench seat project. I wound up cutting the length of the foam with scissors – instead of doing a cutting motion so much I just left them open and ‘sliced’ though it. For the most part it doesn’t look any worse than what they did at the store, although it’s definitely not ‘smooth’. I suppose it doesn’t matter since no one should see the inside of the cushion anyway.
Now I need to formulate some sort of plan for sewing this one up before I begin – my goal is to make the cover removable (with velcro), so in case it gets dirty, I can pop it into the wash. I think I’ll mull it over this morning and see what I come up with. Would it be wrong to sew up something else in the mean time?
By the way, thank you all so much for your transparency (and silk screening) input! I had no idea that little sheets of plastic could be so expensive! I have decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase the large box from and office supply store (with 15% off, it doesn’t make it that much cheaper, but at least it’s something!) today while it’s still ‘warm’ out (a whopping 31 degree high, while tomorrow we’re in the single digits; a rarity for our part of Kansas right now). Is everyone else surviving the cold? Anyone else actually contemplating making Snuggies?

Almost Back To The Grind

Just one more day left to Christmas vacation and then it’s back to the grind. I thought by this point I would be sewing up a storm, but it’s been quite the opposite. In fact, I think I’ve logged in just about 0 hours at the sewing machine. Unfortunately, it looks as if my first project of the new year won’t be for me, but instead the house. Our ‘mud room’ bench has been taking a beating (too many things being set on it, coats and zippers scratching the finish, etc.) so I’ve finally broken down and decided it’s high time I make a cushion for it. I really don’t like home decor sewing, but I’ll do it out of necessity if I have to. Today, my goal is to determine the measurements for the fabric and foam – I’m going to remember to do the “measure twice, cut once rule”.
In more fun news, Sew It All magazine has hit the shelves! I wrote two articles for this premier issue; one for a monogram robe (using a purchased robe pattern designed for knits and discussing how to add an embellishment to the back) and an eco-friendly Farmer’s Market tote made from kitchen towels that expands as needed. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Ready For 2010 Sewing

With the new year comes new projects. So far, I’ve managed to line up 4 for myself – a cushion for our ‘mudroom’ bench, Jalie 2821, the Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas, and the Square Gusset Tee from The Sewing Republic. The details (fabrics, cost, etc.) can now be found on the sidebar!
I’ve also been mulling over some ‘sewing resolutions’ and have come up with a few:

  • Make sure I keep up with my reviews on Pattern Review. I’ve really been lax about this over the past few months and would really like to contribute more!
  • Add more projects to the sidebar on the site. I make a lot of things through out the year that don’t appear on the sidebar. Generally these are last minute, unplanned, or something that one of my children wanted me to make and are whipped up in a day. However, there are a few that I work on that take longer. For those, I need to be sure that I make a project entry.
  • Keep track of everything I make. I love those ‘year end’ reviews of what everyone sewed up during the year. Even though I detail my projects here, I never go back to see what I’ve done, cumulatively. This year, I’m making a journal for myself so come December 21, 2010 I can see what I’ve been busy working on (I may try to keep track of the yards sewn, but that seems a bit ambitious on my part).
  • Keep up with the book reviews. I got wayyyyy behind last year (I still have 4 that I would love to talk about) on book reviews. Why? They take a long time for me to write – I haven’t figured out why it takes me so long (maybe because I’m trying to cram lots of information into a short post?), but my goal is to write about them as soon as I get the book. Beware folks, by book list at Amazon is long, so you may be reading about quite a few books in 2010!