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Kai’s Easton’s Shirt

After putting aside the Kai’s shirt project for several days, I came back to it, ready to shave off several inches on each side of the collar for the perfect fit. Thankfully, the rest of the shirt went together without a hitch (although I had a terrible time easing in the sleeves)! The real test, of course, is wrangling it onto Easton and seeing how it wears. My opinion? It’s a bit big. After looking back at the photograph included in the book, I noticed that it’s a bit loose on the model as well, so I’m guessing there’s a lot of ease with this pattern (Taylor thinks it looks like a doctor’s coat). Oh well, he’ll grow into it, eventually. Since the finished shirt is difficult to see on (it’s difficult to get an 11 month old to pose!), here it is laid out.

Kai’s Easton’s Shirt

(Almost) Birthday Boy Shirt

I was very torn with what my next project should be – I have a long list of things I would like to sew up, but with Easton’s birthday coming up soon (April 23), I thought that I should make something for my future 1 year old. I decided on Kai’s shirt from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing and a Baby Nay Nay sailboat print from “>The Fabric Fairy.
I traced off the 12 month size from the pattern in the book, cut the material, and set to work. This is about as far as I got:

I hit a snag when I started attaching the collar to the shirt…. it’s too big (by almost 4 inches). I checked the Weekender website to see if there was an update to this pattern, etc., but I never saw anything. I sent in an email with my problem, but have decided to set it aside for the day before I resize the collar.