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Urban Blaster

I’m still working on those ‘top secret’ projects, but as I am getting closer to finishing up, I’m gearing up to start something new – The Urban Blaster from Switch Craft. I think I have all my supplies: exterior fabric (I picked a fun Tinkerbell print since Taylor is into her recently), ripstop nylon for the interior (the pattern called for a coated nylon), a nylon mesh (for the speaker cover), zipper, portable MP3 speakers, and a whole lot of interfacing!

Speaking of top secret projects… one down! I managed to put the finishing touches on the project I mentioned yesterday and am pleased with the overall result. I’m glad that this sample is behind me, the fabric made it a bit more challenging that what I had anticipated! Now it’s back to work – I have a second tutorial to write and the deadline is fast approaching. Hope everyone has a wonderful, productive rest of the weekend!