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Rock On

The last piece to Easton’s Halloween costume is finished – the zebratiger striped pants! I used a legging pattern from Ottobre 6/2008 and I have to say, it sewed up so easily. Now that everything is made, you’ll have to wait for the big ‘reveal’ on Halloween to see how it all looks together. I wonder if I have time to put together a guitar bag?

Tattooed Concert Tee

I’ve started work on Easton’s Halloween costume. I started with the piece that I thought would be the most work – the shirt. I started with a basic black shirt (unfortunately all I could find was long sleeves) and a pair of tattoo arm sleeves.

I cut the sleeves to make them short and hemmed them; then determined how long the tattoo portion of the shirt needed to be by comparing it to a shirt that currently fit well (I didn’t want the sleeves to be too long or too short). Attaching the tattoo sleeves was the trickiest part – because the material used for them is super stretchy (they fit Easton’s arms skin tight) they are much smaller than the shirt sleeves. After several attempts at stretching and pinning them together, I decided to keep them in the stretched position by rolling them onto a large cardboard tube:

With the sleeves attached, I transformed the plain tee to a ‘concert tee’ by adding a band logo to the front. Bret thought Steel Panther (an 80’s glam rock ‘tribute’ band) was an appropriate considering our ‘theme’ this year as glam rock.

Of course, you always need an action shot to see the best results:

Now on to those pants!