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My Latest Jacket

I may be a little behind on the Ottobre Sew Along, but I’m happy to report that my Ottobre Jacket is complete! As a whole the entire jacket was a cinch to complete – the hardest part was getting the zipper lined up so that all the seams met at the same point (by the way, I found the 22″ zipper in my 38 to be too small and wound up going back to get a 24″). The fit is great, except that I think the upper arms are a bit on the snug side (I can’t tell if this is just me as I seem to have much larger biceps since having Easton or just the way the jacket is drafted since it looks tight on the model as well).
So what does it look like zipped?

A bit like Uncle Fester, don’t you think? It’s the color really – anything but grayblack and I think it would look fine – although I never really planned to wear it that way anyway!

Hems And Zippers

After a few weeks reprieve, I’ve started back up on my Ottobre jacket – just in time too because our warm weather seems to have been put on hold and replaced by chilly, damp air! I managed to get the body of the jacket put together and topstitched everything. All I have left are the hems and inserting the zipper:

I spent a great deal of time pondering which way to have the stripes running on the collar. I settled on cutting them vertically so when the collar lays down they look horizontal. I had also checked a jacket that Taylor got earlier in the year and noticed that’s the way hers was running as well.
Let’s hope it stays cool before this jacket is finished!

Patterns and Cutting

After picking up my new (and very cool Omingrid 8 1/2 x 24″, nonslip) ruler and mat from Joann’s. I thought I would head to Hancock Fabrics and was tempted by the latest Kwik Sew pattern – 3694. After surfing the Victoria Secret catalog, I noticed a lot of styles very similar to this pattern and couldn’t resist… plus I need some new summer tops.
I also managed to cut out the material for my Ottobre jacket (I’ve put up the info on the sidebar if you’re interested)! I closed myself in a quiet room so I wouldn’t make any mistakes – between matching stripes and remember what needed seam allowances, I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Now on to changing the serger thread so I can get started sewing. By the way, if you’re interested in joining an Ottobre sew along, you can find the group here.


I started tracing my Ottobre jacket pattern off and have already made a mistake…. I forgot seam allowances. Fortunately, I haven’t cut the fabric, but did cut the pattern from the tracing paper – so I’ll have to add seam allowances after the fact. There must be something in the air, Juliette had a similar experience. I think I may put it aside for a few days so I don’t make any further mistakes.
Don’t forget to join us in the Ottobre sew along – I’d love to see what everyone is making!

Up Next: Ottobre Sew Along Jacket

I spent some time with my Ottobre magazine collection and finally settled on my project for the sew along… the zippered jacket from the 5/2008 women’s issue. I even have the perfect fabric – a reversible double knit from Gorgeous Fabrics! But first, the tracing. I suspect that I won’t get to this until Monday since this weekend will be so busy with activities, but I can honestly say I’m excited to get started! What is everyone else thinking of working on?