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Black Sheep, White Sheep, My Sheep

Just in time for Easter, the finished sheep:

As for construction, I have to admit that I didn’t follow the directions precisely. I sewed the arms to the body first (the instructions call for hand tacking them to the body and I felt that sewing machine stitches would be stronger than my ladder stitching!). After turning the body right side out, I folded the raw edges to the inside, attached the legs and sewed, leaving an opening for stuffing. I sewed the opening closed by hand.
Overall, I’m very pleased with the way they turned out, let’s hope the kids feel the same way!

Arms And Legs

It looks a bit like I’ve replaced my sewing room for a slaughterhouse as there are sheep appendages everywhere.

Although this part of the pattern is straightforward, here’s a few suggestions to make arms and legs construction go a bit smoother:
If you have an open toeapplique foot, this is a good time to use it. Since your sewing on a line you traced from a template, it’s easier to see the hoof curves this way.
I found that using a turning tool helps flip the arms and legs right side out.
Stuffing is always a tedious process, long skinny arm and leg tubes make it even worse! Using a stuffing tool (even a chopstick would work) helps push the fiberfill into all the nooks and crannies and pack everything tight.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

As much as I love plush, when I get started sewing my own, I always realize that I have so much respect for those who make and sell their own creations…. these things are so much work! Right now I feel like I’ve been spending lots of hours on these guys and have very little progress to show for it. Here’s what I have so far:

I made a bit of a modification to the instructions – the ears are supposed to be sewn onto the head after stuffing (hand tacked), however I thought that since one of these guys is going to Easton (who loves to chew on stuffed animals), machine sewing them during head construction might be a bit more stable (I will probably do the same with the arms when I get to those). I also omitted the eyes (felt circles) on both of these guys – I figured you’d never be able to see them with all those circles already on the fabric!

Jacket 2

Well, there’s not much to really say about this jacket since it’s a carbon copy of the black minky version I made a few days ago (although it doesn’t look like a gorilla costume this time!).

Now it’s onto the sheep themselves. I’m on a countdown to Easter…. one week to go before these cuties have to be finished!
On a completely unrelated sewing note (although I suspect we’ll see a pattern for this someday soon), I stumbled the Peekaru website. It’s basically a vest designed for babywearing. While I’m sure it’s a great idea (I tried the whole sling thing with Easton and he didn’t want any part of it), I just can’t get past the fact that this woman and her baby look an awful lot like George & Kuato from Total Recall.

Monkey Suit

With everything cut out, I started sewing up a jumpsuit to put on a sheep – I started with the black first since it’s Easton’s and he won’t be pointing out any sewing errors for numerous years!

I think it looks a bit like a gorilla costume at the moment – although once it’s on the sheep I’m sure it will look more woolen. As for construction, it was a breeze. However, the trickiest part was the zipper. Between the small seam allowances (1/4″) and pile on the fabric, inserting the zipper was challenging. Once the zip was in, I found that a lot of the fur got in the way so I used a long machine stitch and topstitched close to the finished edge and then trimmed any super plush minky that was poking out.
One jumpsuit down, one to go!

Controlling The Mess

As much as I would love to start on my Jalie Stretch Jeans pattern, I really need to set to work on Melly & Me‘s Black Sheep, White Sheep – Easter is just a few weeks away and I had planned on putting them into the kid’s baskets!
I decided to start with what I think will be the hardest part (and definitely the messiest) – the ‘woolen’ jackets. For this part of the sheep, I purchased a Super Plush Minky which is extremely soft, but sheds like mad. To control some of the mess, I had a procedure in place: cut the fabric, shake off any fluff immediately into trash, and serge (zigzaging would work too) all the raw edges. I think this will help control the sheding while sewing plus will finish off the edges on the inside since the jackets are removable.

One more thing about these jackets – I cut the fur with the nap going up. Yup, I went against the grain! I think this helps give them a more of a ‘woolen’ look