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From Monokini To Mom-Tankini

While I am figuring out how I want to morph the monokini pattern, I decided I would put the rest of Kwik Sew 3608 to good use and sew up the alternate version. I searched the stash yet again and came up with a teal-ish polka dot print. To off-set the pattern I decided to sew up the bikini bottoms in a solid black. Here’s the final result:

Overall, the fit is good, but it seemsfeels as if this top wants to slide down more than my monokini muslin – it may have something to do with this fabric being slightly ‘slicker’ than the previous version, but I suppose it could be the way I inserted the elastic as well. The best part? It was pretty quick to sew up! Now if the weather would just cooperate, I might be able to wear it out to the pool this week!

Monokini Test Fit

I spent some time with Kwik Sew 3608. I managed to cut the fabric, insert the shelf bra, and the elastic at the bust. Although there is no elastic around the legs or the side cutouts, I went ahead and slipped it on for a test fit.
If you promise you won’t laugh, here’s what I have so far……

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The Monokini It Is

After reading everyone’s comments the last few days, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start on the monokini next. I went out and purchased Kwik Sew 3608 yesterday and started tracing the pattern – I can see lots of areas of potential alterations:

  • The bust – I measured myself and am really in between sizes. I went ahead and traced off the small, but think I may have to go back and use the extra small eventually. This part might not even matter anyway since I plan on eventually morphing another pattern for the bust.
  • Waistline – There are two different ‘lengthen and shorten here’ lines that are in this area. Since I’m a bit on the long-waisted side I may have to add some length here.
  • Crotch line – Here’s another area for potential alteration. I’ve found that some Kwik Sew patterns have a deep crotch depth so this may have to be shortened on me. If I would have thought about this before I traced everything, I could have just measured and adjusted first, but I was anxious to get started and the thought never even crossed my mind until well after everything was done!

For now, I’m going to be sewing this one ‘as is’ so I can see what I might want to adjust – thankfully I have some swimsuit lycra in my stash to play with! Now off to cut material and start sewing!