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Can You Say FAST?

I started sewing up the 3 Graces Tee-Shirt yesterday – never thinking that I would have a finished top by the time Easton was done napping! (I should note, that the back does lay down and doesn’t poke up like how it is in the photo – I just threw this on quickly without ‘arranging’ myself before taking a picture).
Seriously, this is one of the best instant gratification projects that I’ve worked on recently – I love the design, it was so easy to sew (it’s a great project for a beginner), and the results are fabulous. The only snag that I hit was when I sewed the band onto the armhole. Instead of using a ribbing, I used the jersey fabric itself – I’m guessing that my material might not have as much stretch as what was intended because it came out extremely tight. Check out all those puckers I got!

I went back and cut the arm band one size larger (I might have been able to go up 2, but I didn’t want to risk it being too loose) and that seemed to fix my problem.
I’m now giddy to try the other styles – I’m thinking the crossover version will have to be next!