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Like Daughter, Like Mother

I’m very lucky that Taylor is such a small size because it left me enough fabric that I could make a Harajuku Lovers shirt for myself. I made the same design changes to this version as hers – shortening the sleeves and adding a rib trim cuff and used the same material around the neckline. I really had to squeeze the pattern onto the material to get everything to fit. Consequently, the design placement doesn’t look as good as hers, but overall, I still love the finished look.
Up next, a shirt for my mother. She’s been seeing all these Jalie t-shirts coming out of my sewing room and has requested one for herself. Time to dig through the stash and see what I can whip up!

Up Next: Harajuku Lovers Knock-off Thermal

Right after Christmas, I picked up the last two yards of the Harajuku Lover’s Planet Girl thermal print from The Fabric Fairy. I was very surprised to see it, as this same print was still being used in this fallwinter’s designs. Needless to say, I’m very motivated to sew it up. Below is a photo of the Inspiration Shirt
(which is still available from Amazon for $53):

To re-create this look, I plan on using Jalie 2805 (view A), altering the sleeve slightly so that there is a ribbed cuff. I’ve already cut out the material for Taylor’s shirt and I think that there may be enough for me one too. If not, I plan on using the rest for a thermal tank. Now off to the sewing room to whip this one up!