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My Wild Woman Top

It’s been awhile since I made something that’s really fun to wear. But when I slipped on my finished ‘Wild Woman’ shirt, I felt like I need to put on my best socialite pose and find someplace to wear it to!
I sewed the rest of this top up according to the directions in Burda. However, when it came to putting in the hem, I made a slight change. To reduce some of the bulk, I shortened the jersey by 5/8″ of an inch. This allowed me to fold up the mesh over the jersey raw edge and stitch it in place.
Thanks to Ann for giving me the inspiration to make this top – I love the way it turned out!

Finishing Necklines

With spring break this week, I’m really surprised that I’ve managed to make it into the sewing room. Since my serger was already threaded for it, I decided to sew up my second version of the boatneck top. It’s not much, but I managed to baste the mesh to the jersey, bind the neckline, and attach the newly drafted top and bottom fronts and back together:

I still have quite a bit of work to do, but it’s starting to take shape!

Boatneck Alterations

Since the boatneck top is finished and I’m happy with the results, it’s time to start thinking how I can alter this top to look more like my inspiration garment.
First, I put on my finished top and marked off where I would like the upperlower bodice division:

Secondly, I transferred the markings to my original pattern pieces:

I retraced the pattern dividing the upper and lower bodice on both the front and back (making sure to add seam allowances) and made a test muslin:

From the test muslin (a horrid shiny, mylar lace that I picked up from, things look good so I think I’m ready to start cutting into my fabric.

Boatneck Love

Not only did I work up the nerve to cut into my art print fabric, but I managed to finish my Burda World of Fashion Boatneck top!

Normally, I avoid boatneck tops, I just don’t like the way they look on me and I feel like I’m constantly tugging at the neckline to adjust the fit. But Burda’s version is definitely a keeper – it fits great (not to wide of neckline so that it accentuates my broad shoulders), (seems to) stays in place, and I’m in love with the deep hems. It also went together without a hitch (although I did forget to sew the sleeve hem before setting in the sleeve which made for some tricky stitching)…. this pattern is definitely a keeper! Consequently, I plan on altering the pattern for my version of the Walk On The Wild Side Mesh top.

Jalie Pants – Version 1

While it doesn’t look too horrible in the photo, these pants look more like leggings in real life – they’re just too tight in the legs even though I used a stretch material. I’ve also noticed some pulling along the crotch line because the fabric is stretching to much in the upper thigh (possibly hip as well). Even thought I traced off the size that should work with my measurements, things just don’t look quite right so I’m going to go up one size up to see what difference this makes in the fit (although I keeping the lower portion of the legs – below the knee, the same width since this area fits fine).
Before I start version 2, I’m going to start work on the Burda top. I’ve been working up the nerve to cut into my black and white art print from Gorgeous Fabrics for this (I keep reminding myself of my New Year’s resolution: stop being afraid to use my ‘favorite’ fabrics that are in my stash). Wish me luck!


Tracing. Lots and lots of tracing. It’s been so long since I’ve used a pattern that you can just whack into I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like!
There are several projects that I’ve been meaning to sew or that have caught my eye. Consequently, I’m making it ‘priority’ to work on them this week. Currently, I am tracing off Jalie 2561 (the Express Editor style pant) and the boatneck top (108A) from February’s Burda World of Fashion magazine (I’ll be putting both of these on the sidebar today). I’m thinking if the boatneck goes well, I’ll be altering it to make a “Walk on the Wild Side” mesh top similar to Ann’s.
What are you working on this week?