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Shame, Shame, Shame

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. However, in this case, the photo doesn’t do the mess justice. Seriously, I’m losing things on my sewing work table. On it, I’ve piled up new fabrics, books, magazines, patterns, completed projects, WIPs (Works In Progress), supplies, and yes my unfinished Field Bag. Yesterday marked the end of our sew along and I am ashamed to admit, even I didn’t finish this one. I had intended this one to be a new ‘beach’ tote, but once we stopped going to the pool, I just sort of lost interest. I have vowed that before I start another bag, I’m going to finish this one. Today, however, is devoted to cleaning this desk off. I can’t even rotary cut fabric because my cutting mat is buried underneath my piles!

Rotary Cutting Machine

First off, I want to tell you all – if I have a link or photo that’s not working, please don’t be afraid to send me an email or leave a comment (I generally check my post after it’s up, but sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, I forget)! I noticed that my picture of my Field Bag zipper from yesterday’s post wasn’t showing up. I’ve fixed it now, but thought I would repost it here!

Last night, I made the yards of piping required for the Field Bag…. it gave the the perfect excuse to try out my Rotary Cutting Machine.

I usually dread making bias tapes or cording because I really dislike having to do all the cutting and measuring – it’s not that it’s difficult, but I really don’t like having to fiddle with all that material and making sure that it’s even, etc. I suppose I won’t have an excuse any longer, this is a cool little machine! After adjusting the pressure of the rotary cutter and the width the machine would cut the fabric, I slid my material through the guide (which helps keep your fabric cutting the same width each time) and the machine did the rest. I had enough bias strips to make my piping in just a minute!
The machine itself is lightweight and is pretty quiet considering it’s feeding the material through the machine and cutting it. It comes with two blades (one that produces a straight edge and another that is pinked), although I read that there will be more released in the coming months. Overall, it’s a fun machine to use (I love gadgets anyway) and makes the whole process of cutting strips of fabric a breeze. It’s not a necessary notion to have in your sewing room, but it sure is a handy one to have! By the way, Simplicity’s Rotary Cutter is available at Joann’s and it looks as if you can use your coupon with this machine.
Edited to add: It looks as if I did have a comment on the photo not working, but it appears that my notices for site comments are going into my ‘spam’ folder at the moment. I think I’ve fixed it, but if I haven’t sent you an email back, I apologize!

Zippered Panels

It took awhile, but all the pieces of my Field Bag are fused! I really love the fusible fleece, but find it tricky to get it to ‘stick’ without a lot of ironing – it’s well worth it though, I’d rather press, press, press than have to baste!
I also managed to start sewing the zipper section together. However, I’m a bit disappointed at how mine turned out. Since zipper tapes can come in a variety of sizes, you have to measure where the zipper is placed on the top panels…. apparently I was ‘off’ somewhere because there is more tape exposed on one side than the other. It bother’s me that it looks like this, but not enough that I want to start over – unless it effects construction later on.

How’s everybody else’s bag coming along?

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

I spent the better part of an afternoon doing nothing but cutting fabric for my Field Bag. While there isn’t a lot of pieces to the bag itself, there are several ‘layers’ that need to be cut – the exterior and lining fabrics, pockets, interfacing and fusible fleece. Even though cutting fabric is my least favorite part of sewing, I’ll happily cut all these layers just so I can avoid using Timtex! As much as I love how it gives shape to a bag, it’s just such a booger to work with. All I have left is to cut the material for the piping – I plan to use my new Simplicity Rotary Cutter for that part. I’ll be starting on this project as soon as I finish up my paisley halter.
The July issue of Burda arrived on Friday and I have to say, this is a great issue I found so many things that I would love to make including this maxi dress (and for petites no less!). We have a big family get-together at the end of this month and I think this would be perfect to wear. The instructions call for using a border print jersey (I’ve been tempted to pick up one of Ann’s, which is still on sale) and a side zipper. Do you think it’s necessary to insert a zipper if you’ve got a fabric with good stretch?

I Fell Off The Wagon

I know that I had recently said that I wasn’t going to make any new fabric purchases, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Amy Butler‘s latest patterns and doing lots of planning:

The first 3 fabrics are for the Field Bag pattern – all are from Amy’s August Field’s collection of fabrics. They seemed to have a nice summery feel to them which is what I wanted since I plan on using my finished project as a swimming pool tote.
I had intended on using the blue jersey for the keyhole back dress seen in the latest Burda magazine. However, now that I have it in my hands – the material is just too ‘nice’ (for lack of a better word) for this design. I will probably use it with a different pattern and find a simple cotton interlock for the Burda dress.
As for the Mini Dress, Tunic, and Tops pattern, I searched the stash and plan on using a woven stretch that I purchased at Gorgeous Fabrics quite awhile ago….at least that’s the plan for now – maybe I should stay away from fabric stores for awhile!