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Free Tutorials and More Blankets

Before I start rambling on about what I’ve been up to, let me start off by saying – The Sewing Republic, a website I’m very proud to be a part of, has begun posting free project tutorials! Each week they will be listing a new tutorial (some of them will even be in a video format) – they even have an RSS feed available so you don’t miss anything. I’ll let you know when one of my projects is up, but in the mean time be sure to check out the cute Summer Serendipity Bag available for download now.
What have I been up to? Well, for one, making more baby items – this time, not (just) for me. Juliet from Chickpea Sewing and I met while working on tutorials for the Sewing Republic site. About a month ago, she had her adorable baby, Finn and I am just now sending off her gift. A minky blanket (backed with a snuggly flannel) and matching burp cloth:

Of course, I couldn’t just make one…. Fortunately, I had enough materials left over to sew up one for myself too (well, for our little guy)! I think I’m addicted to making baby blankets – too bad places like Etsy are over-run with these types of items, otherwise I’d make a bunch to put into my shop!
Up next, putting together my Sewing Stars Elephant. What are everyone else’s plans for sewing this weekend?