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New Romper

Awhile back, I started sewing up a second (smaller size) version of Kwik Sew 3090 and had disastrous results – I had traced and cut a shorts style for the front and a longer romper in the back (and didn’t notice until I started sewing)! I’ve had this material ‘staring’ at me ever since…. so the other day, I retraced the front (to the longer style) and re-cut the material to make this:

Although the pattern didn’t include a hat, I found one in an Ottobre magazine (4/2006) and used the leftover material to whip one up to make a ‘matching set’. One more project off my to-do list!
Up next – McCall 5586. I’ll be putting the fabric & cost information on the sidebar later on this afternoon.

I Blame ABC

I promise never to watch an engrossing television program and either 1) trace or 2) cut a patternfabric again. Why? Because I make mistakes! Check out the biggie I didn’t notice until I started sewing it together:

I managed to trace off a different style and size of the Kwik Sew romper while watching Lost. I did the same when cutting out the fabric…. I thought everything was going just perfect – that is until it came to sewing the sides together. That’s when I noticed I traced and cut the fabric for the shorts version in the front and the back was for the longer style! I think I’m just going to put this aside for a few days and figure out how I want to fix this up or if I just want to start from scratch – either way, I’m doing it T.V. free!

Laundry Is My Nemesis

No doubt I’ve mentioned it before, but I despise laundry. I actually don’t mind the sorting, removal of stains, and the actual laundry part of it, but I can’t stand folding and putting it all away (and let’s not talk about the need for ironing). Unfortunately, that’s what I’ll be doing today – that and waiting on the lighting guy to come and install our outdoor coach lights we purchased. What I’d much rather be doing is working on my latest project, Kwik Sew 3090 (which has now been added to the side bar). The pattern is traced, the fabric is cut, and I’m anxious to try out my new snap setter for this project. Right now I’m only making one – since I have no idea how big this little guy is going to be, I’d hate to make an assembly line of rompers, only to find that he can wear each one once before he outgrows them.
I also want to send out a huge Thank You to Lori (you may know her best from her Sew Forth Now podcasts and Girls In The Garden blog). She had several pieces of material up for grabs on her site and I was able to get the floral jersey! This is the same material that I used to make the Burda Plunge Back Top this summer (by the way, if you don’t subscribe to World Of Fashion Magazine, the pattern is now available through Burda as number 7830). As soon as Taylor saw the material she fell in love. I think I might be making her something with it soon!