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Material Matters

Yesterday’s temperatures were in the 90s again (while in southwest Kansas, once city reached 108!) so it’s time to start thinking about wearing ‘cool’ tops. Consequently, I hurried up and finished my Jalie tank and I have to say, this is one of the easiest patterns that I’ve worked with in a long time. After tracing off the pattern, I think one could finish the entire top (cutting, sewing, etc.) in about an hour. I’m also really pleased with how this tank fits too:
I was so excited about how this tank worked out, I was ready to make another version. For my second top, I used a ribbed knit that I purchased over the weekend at Joann’s (60% off). One thing about this material is that it’s much thicker and has less stretch and recovery than the stripe fabric that I originally used. It also didn’t perform as well when sewn up – instead of a nice fit around the arms, I had HUGE gaps between the fabric and my skin. I quickly fixed this by taking in the excess material, but it still doesn’t look as nice on or feel as comfortable as the stripe tank. So the important thing I learned about this pattern is that material matters! A nice lighter weight interlock with great stretch and recovery is the way to go when sewing this top up.
So now that I’m done talking about sewing, it’s time to show a new baby picture. Today, Easton is 6 weeks old – so yesterday, we did a ‘photo shoot’ at our house. Here’s one of my favorites:

Next Up

I’m finally to the point where I am ready to sew in the hem to my t-shirt. I was about ready to set the coverstitch on my serger when I decided that it might be best to hem a number of shirts at once (so I don’t keep having to switch back and forth between serging and coverstitch). Consequently, I’ve decided to start another top – this one, Jalie 965’s tanks. I’ve had this pattern since last summer, but never found the time to sew it up. I purchased quite a bit of the stripe material (the same one I’m using for the Jalie top) so I plan on using this for the tank as well. Now to trace of the pattern and find some time to sew!
In other news, I stopped by my local Walmart the other day and was sad to see that their fabric department is almost completely gone (and replaced by some very cheap fake flowers). Even though I didn’t buy a lot of material from there, occasionally you’d find a great bargain – not to mention the fact if you needed a notion late at night they were always open. For those of you who have already lost their fabric department, what did they do with their patterns? Did they mark them down or throw them out?