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The Stripe Shirt

I found some time to put in the hem on my Jalie t-shirt and am happy to report, it’s done!

The fit on this one is o.k., I really should have made this shirt a size bigger as I’m seeing some ‘puckering’ around the bust where it’s stretching too much. I think as I eventually shrink down everywhere, I’ll fit into this top better (hopefully in a month). Now I’m anxious to try out my new Jalie t-shirt pattern (they arrived in the mail late last week) and see how it compares!

Next Up

I’m finally to the point where I am ready to sew in the hem to my t-shirt. I was about ready to set the coverstitch on my serger when I decided that it might be best to hem a number of shirts at once (so I don’t keep having to switch back and forth between serging and coverstitch). Consequently, I’ve decided to start another top – this one, Jalie 965’s tanks. I’ve had this pattern since last summer, but never found the time to sew it up. I purchased quite a bit of the stripe material (the same one I’m using for the Jalie top) so I plan on using this for the tank as well. Now to trace of the pattern and find some time to sew!
In other news, I stopped by my local Walmart the other day and was sad to see that their fabric department is almost completely gone (and replaced by some very cheap fake flowers). Even though I didn’t buy a lot of material from there, occasionally you’d find a great bargain – not to mention the fact if you needed a notion late at night they were always open. For those of you who have already lost their fabric department, what did they do with their patterns? Did they mark them down or throw them out?

I Finally Decided

The past two days I’ve really been struggling deciding what to sew up next. Yesterday, I finally settled on Jalie 2005 (that should tide me over until my new Jalie’s arrive). My next dilemma was selecting a size that will fit my current shape – previous versions I had sewn a size ‘T’ (here is my long sleeve crew neck, 3/4 v-neck, and short sleeved solid white tee), but my bust and midsection are nowhere near the pre-pregnancy measurements that I once was. Consequently, I’ve opted to try the size ‘W’ which will work for the bust, but may still be too small in the midsection. For my first version, I decided to use the yarn dyed stripe that I recently purchased from Needle Nook Fabrics – not only is it a cute material, but has lots of stretch just in case I’ve gone a bit too small in tracing out the pattern. Now my goal today is to cut the material and get to sewing!
Any sewing plans for your long holiday weekend?