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Skirt Apron Complete

Check out my new apron:

I absolutely love it! This pattern really looks great the more fabrics you use (both sides have 3 different fabrics) and it really shows off the prints you’re using. My favorite part of this apron is the bias binding – I adore this print. I wish I would have cut more so I could quickly whip up another kitchen project, but I’ll have to go back to cutting mat and iron and make more first.
Now I’m excited to see the projects Hoodie posted about recently. Apparently, she’s going to release them as You Tube tutorials!

Cutting The Skirt Apron

If you remember from my post a few days ago, the fabric that I’m working with for Hoodie’s Collection Skirt Apron is a bit smaller than what the pattern calls for. How should you handle this?

Fold the material according to the layout directions (make sure the selvage edges are even) and lay the pattern so that rounded edges are next to the selvage and that the apron middle hangs off the edge of the material – about 1 1/2-2 inches. Pin in place and cut. When doing this, be sure to take off the same amount (1 1/2-2 inches) when cutting the waistband piece as well. The rest of the pattern pieces can be cut as directed.
I’ll have the completed project photo ready on Friday!

New Projects

Remember that cute skirt apron that I made for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower last year? Well, I’m back at it again! This time around I’m using Hoodie’s latest collection of fabrics, Morning Call (you can see the ones that I’ll be using on the left). According to Hoodie, Blank Quilting’s material runs a bit smaller than some other companies (I’ve found this to be true with other brands as well) so I’ll need to cut the main apron panel and waistband a bit differently. I’ll be posting some instructions on how to do this in my next entry on this apron. In the mean time, I’ll be posting a new sidebar for this pattern – look for it later in the day.
As for today, Bret and Taylor are playing in a ParentJunior golf tournament, so while Easton is napping I plan on multi-tasking…. working on the apron, brainstorming ideas (and if I have time start sewing) for a One Yard Wonders submission, start on a pair of baby booties from Amy’s Little Stitches Book (I’ll also be creating a sidebar for projects from this book as well), and work on my latest DIY Celebrity Fashion blog post for Threadbanger (in the mean time you can check out this week’s Threadhead’s tutorial for an adorable shirred summer dress). What’s on your agenda?