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First Project Of The New Year

One thing that I really wanted to accomplish right off the bat was a set of decorative pillows for the ‘reading area’ of my sewing room. If you saw ‘finished’ photos of the sewing room, you can see that the pillow forms were ‘naked’ on the futon. Well, I set to work making a set of slipcovers and here is what I came up with:

The pillow forms themselves were recycled from these pillows that I had made quite some time ago for our bedroom set, but are no longer using. The material is left over (I must have WAY over purchased material because I still have quite a bit left) from other sewing room projects such as the gumdrop pillows, sewing machine covers, and my dressform’s apron. Since I didn’t use a pattern for these pillows either, the grand total for my first year’s project came to $0 spent! Now that’s a way to start off the new year!