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One Down

While Easton was napping, I snuck into the sewing room and crossed one of my Upcoming Projects off my list – Taylor’s pajama pants.
If you decide to make these for yourself (or someone in your family), you may want to check where the waistband is going to fall before you start cutting. Since Taylor likes a lower rise, I cut 2 1/2-3 inches off the top to get them where she’ll wear them – if I would have kept them as-is, I think she would have been wearing these pj bottoms under her bust-line! Aside from the long crotch depth, this pattern is pretty basic, fits well (not too baggy, but not tight either), and would be great for a beginner. I’ll definitely be using this again if Taylor is in need of more lounge pants!

Upcoming Projects

Now that (most?) of my Christmas gift sewing is out of the way and my body is getting closer to returning to it’s pre-pregnancy state (I have finally resided to the fact that I may never loose these last 5-10 lbs), I’m finally ready to concentrate on doing some clothing sewing – (almost) just for me!
First up, new pajamas. I love pajamas & lounge pants – I could wear them all day. I have a ton of PJ patterns in my pattern stash, but I keep coming back to my very favorite, McCall 3019. This is the very first pattern that I made (successfully) for myself when I started sewing so I suppose that is part of the reason why I keep coming back to it – nostalgia! This year I’m using a rubber ducky ‘Santa’ flannel print that I picked up last year at Joann’s and a red thermal knit for the top (to see the version that I made 2 years ago, read here).
Initially, Taylor did not want to have anything to do with matching pajamas (I know she’s a bit old for it, but I thought it would be adorable to make similar pair to Easton’s). However, after she saw the fabric for my set, she wanted a pair of pajamas for herself. Since I didn’t have a pattern on hand for her, I hit the closest pattern sale – Joann’s who had Butterick (my least favorite company) on sale. Consequently, I settled on 5153, but I’m still unsure what pattern I’ll use for the top.
Lastly, I made a trip to Needle Nook this week and selected a pattern for the slacks class. Since in needed to be an elastic waist design, I picked Kwik Sew 3156. Anne took lots of measurements, so I’m anxious to see how the pattern will be altered…more on that after the 13th. At the same time I also selected my material – a gray jersey. I’m very excited to sew these up!
I’ll be putting the new projects up on the sidebar soon and will be keeping you updated on their progress. In the mean time, what is everyone working on?