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Arg, Matey!

Thank you everyone for giving me feedback on yesterday’s dress. I’m going to give it a try and wear it out a few times before I make up my mind on how it looks – in fact, Bret’s brother is getting married in just a few weeks and I may wear this to the wedding.

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Vote On It

Maternity (just looking like one, it’s not a real maternity dress!) or baby doll style dress? I’ll let you decide. With an opening like this, it must mean one thing, my Vogue dress is complete! Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s extremely comfortable and easy to sew, but I have some “issues” with this garment (one look at my face in this photo says it all, right?).
For one, my fabric is too bulky so it’s created ‘puffs’ at various seams and gathers and I can’t seem to get rid of them (I even steamed them to death with the iron – they’d lay flat for awhile and poofed right back up after cooling. By the way, this fabric scorches if you use too much heat on it). It’s also a bit on the heavy side so it just doesn’t drape and flow as much as what I would have liked. As for the pattern itself, it could stand to have several inches taken off of it – it would still give the same effect, but a bit more body contouring and less maternity looking (IMHO).

The Bodice

I’ve been working on my Vogue dress a bit – here’s what I have so far, the bodice:

I think I’ll be eventually tacking down the front so it will stay closed, I’m sure that I’ll be flashing my brassiere to everyone otherwise. One other thing about this dress, carefully select your fabric for this one. I used a nice matte jersey, but it’s a bit on the ‘thick’ side (my seams are a bit bulky and I’m afraid that it might not be as flowy as I had envisioned.

Birthday Wishes and New Project

Well, before I start into my next project, I thought I would share that today is my husband’s birthday! Yes, I’m officially married to an older man (well, at least for the next few months until I catch up). So, today will pretty much be spent however Bret would like it – I would say golfing, but guess what? It’s raining, again! In the mean time, I’m happy to say that I’m ready to move on to a long awaited project – Vogue 8386 (info is now up on the sidebar)! I’ve seen this made up several times and an anxious to try it myself. I’ve decided, after reading several reviews, that I’ll make up a size 6 (which I never make for myself) since it appears to run large. Now off to cut the pattern and fabric and get this baby started!