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Quick Project

#14 from stashscrap fabric – The Headband. I decided yesterday that I need to work on something quick that would coordinate with the jacket I was making Taylor. That’s when I decided to make Altered Cloth’s Headband #5. I did make it a tad thinner than the 2″ width she described, but otherwise I followed her directions and came up with this:

I was hoping for an action shot, but Taylor spent the afternoon at a friend’s Memorial Day party (riding horses, swimming, cooking out) so I never got my photo. You’ll have to wait for that when I post the finished hoodie pictures for the completed look.

Skull Hoodie

Happy National Sewing Month! I hope this month brings lots of great sewing opportunities, projects, fabric, and patterns to everyone.
With 8 days left on my ticker to complete my stashed fabric projects, I’m ready to start my next adventure – Taylor’s skull hoodie. The project should appear on the sidebar once I can figure out how to add it to my template (moveable type decided to upgrade and has messed with my system!).

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