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Ta-Da, The Last Of The Machine Covers

It’s done! The last of the machine covers (embroidery) was completed yesterday!

I have to say, this is my favorite one so far. I think partly because of the fabric (which is my absolutely favorite print) and partly because the shape of the machine is so compact, it fills the entire cover without sagging. However, next time I make machine covers, I’ll make sure to interface the fabric just a bit to make each one have a bit more body.
Each cover looks nice on the machines, but seems a bit eclectic at the moment since they are not very matchy-matchy. I think once the entire room is put together with window treatments, dressform cover, and pillows the whole look ought to be pulled together a bit more.

Serger Cover

Apparently, my productivity didn’t stop yesterday because I managed to finish my serger machine cover!

Although in the photograph (and from a distance) the cover looks good, overall, I’m not as pleased with how this one turned out. My two problems with the serger cover: 1) The fit seems looser. It could be because I was slightly off on my measurements or because my serger isn’t as ‘uniform’ of a shape in comparison to a sewing machine – it has lots more lumps and bumps going on. 2) I didn’t round the corners. On my sewing machine cover I rounded off the corners and I think that the fabric lays nicely and has a nice clean look to it. This time, I didn’t do that and squared them off instead. I’m sure that no one else will notice this but me, but it’s one of those little details that I know is there!
Now there’s one left to go. I’m taking my knowledge from the last two and hopefully making it the best machine cover ever!

The First Cover

I had originally planned on putting up a different post this morning, but since I feel the need to share my productivity with everyone…. I changed my mind. I present to you, my first (in a series of three) self-drafted machine cover:

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about creating this – since I drafted the pattern myself, I was crossing my fingers that my measurements were correct and that it would sew up properly. Thankfully, everything came together pretty well and I’m ready to move on to the next machine – the serger.


How do you know if a child is really sick? They stay in bed for two days, on their own, without complaint! That’s how it’s been at our house for the past several days at least. So to keep the noise factor down, I’ve let my machines sit quiet, but of course I can’t keep from doing something sewing related in the mean time. So, I decided to start drafting a pattern for my machine cover project. Currently I have one down:

and two to go! Now that Taylor is feeling better and is back to school, I’ll probably get the chance to sew up those other two pairs of underwear – or at least disinfect the house!