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It’s Done!

With a future of box packing looming in my future, I happily sat infront of my machine and finished up my latest project – the Hoodie Apron! Things went together without a hitch and the packaged bias tape sped things up quite a bit. But, before I go into more detail of this pattern, let me give you a peek at one side of this apron:

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Weekend Project(s)

Since I’ve got 1 week until my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, I thought that I had better get moving on her apron. I washed the fabrics, traced the pattern, and started cutting everything out. For those of you who own this pattern, but haven’t tried it yet, let me give you a tip – fabric width is important! Both fabrics that I am using measure 44″. However, the pattern is larger than the width of the fabric. So, in both cases, I had to change the pattern layout to make it work. For the swirl fabric (which I had gotten a yard and a half) I used the length of the fabric to cut the pattern and for the cherry print, I had to open up the entire piece of fabric (no doubling over) and place the swirl fabric on top of it and finagle it’s arrangement.

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