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Rotary Cutting An Apron

I did it! Yesterday I sat down and cut out the material for the Friday Night Apron. In my opinion it took far too long to get it all done – why? All that cutting and measuring with the rotary cutter and mat! I’m sure that if I was a better quilter I might be able to whip these measurements out more quickly, but since I’m paranoid that I’ll cut wrong and waste my precious material I go by the rule measure twice (or in my case three or four times), cut once!
Now to get to work today on sewing it up! What are you all creating this week?

Good Sewing Karma

As far as the world of sewing goes, yesterday was a fantastic day! To begin with, the mail was so very kind – not only did my latest Burda arrive (I loved this issue even though I’m not a fan of metalics), but also my Fabric Mart swatches (of which I found several I liked) and Biker Babe Jacket pattern! To make things even better – I won a yard of fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! I selected Heather Ross’ Gnomes. Now I just need to figure out a great project for that print!
I also whipped out the directions for the Friday Night Apron and started reading over them (I’ve also added project information on the sidebar). I’ve got the pattern pieces cut, however in addition to the pattern pieces, I’ll also have to do some rotary cutting and measuring on this one too (for example the straps, apron skirt, etc.). Call me lazy, but I’d rather just have all the pattern pieces in one place and work with that instead of trusting my measuring skills to create my own pieces!