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Move Over Macy’s, I’ve Made My Own Top

I took everyone’s advice yesterday and decided to keep working on my Burda tunic. The rest of the top went together without a snag, until I hit the lower back portion of the top…… What’s wrong with the lower back, you say? There wasn’t one! I searched all over my sewing area and realized that I not only forgot to cut that particular piece from the fabric, but that I didn’t even bother to trace that piece off. Fortunately, I had plenty of leftover fabric and managed to produce this:

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Well, Finally

I don’t know what to name this post, other than what it is. It seems like I’ve been planning on making my Burda Tunic for ages, but with all the excitement going on here, haven’t been able to. Well, finally, I can say that I’ve now begun working on it. It’s so official, I even added it to my project sidebar!

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