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Wrapture Jacket Modified

After several weeks of hard work, my modified Wrapture Jacket is complete! The original jacket (seen on the left), as much as I loved it, turned out too bulky and could stand on it’s own. The new jacket (seen on the right), is much softer and needs a human body for it to retain it’s shape.

The modified jacket uses fabric received in a bundle from Fabric Mart – not a fabric that I would have normally selected for myself, but it works well for this project. In fact, the longer I worked with it, the more I love it. In making this jacket, I made a few changes. First off, I changed the collar shape from a rounded to a more squared off look. I also increased the sleeve length by almost 7 inches (taking this jacket from a 3/4 sleeve to a full sleeve) and omitted the turn-over cuffs. I omitted the bindings from this jacket all together and topstitched the yokes, pockets, collar, etc. For the jacket lining, I found a cotton print that screamed jacket lining – too ugly to be used in anything else, but the turquoise in it was made to go with the jacket fabric. Finding buttons was the most difficult task. I knew that I wanted large buttons that roughly matched the jacket color. Do you know how many shades of turquoise are out there? I scoured the internet for days searching for the right button – with no luck. It was only while waiting for a very slow cashier at my local Hancock Fabrics that I spotted the perfect buttons. JHB I love you!

Project Details:

Hot Patterns Wrapture Jacket

Jacket: Turquoise corduroy from Fabric Mart

Jacket lining: Cotton print from Joann’s

Materials & Cost: