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Change Of Plans

Originally, this post was going to start off something like this:

Christmas is almost here, so we’re heading off to western Kansas to spend some time with family.

That is, until the big snowstorm hit Denver and western Kansas closing off most of the highway we need to take to get to see those family members (I should add, that much of the highway is closed, not because of bad road conditions, but because there’s a lack of hotels available for stranded motorists). To top it off, Bret decided to visit the doctor yesterday for his sore throat and lost voice – come to find out he’s got strep throat (he hasn’t had it since the 8th grade). Needless to say, I think these are all good indicatiors that we shouldn’t be going anywhere.

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Winter’s Blast

Wow! Winter weather has finally hit here, hard! One week ago today we were in the 70’s – wearing t-shirts and fishing outside while the Thanksgiving turkey was cooking and today our high is supposed to be 22 degrees with 6-8 inches of snow expected (they even cancelled school and it just started snowing 15 minutes ago)! What a shock to the system this has been.

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