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Bag Swap Complete!

Considering that this will be the third consecutive post on my swap bag, I am sure everyone will be happy to hear that it is finally complete (photos are posted, just continue reading)!
So, just to break it up a bit, I wanted to point out that Liana at Fashioned has posted a number of fall 2006 runway pics this week. A great place to visit for some sewing inspiration – not to mention the fact that I am in love with this All Milly dress.

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I was hoping to create a post today saying, “Hurray, my fabric for my bag swap arrived”. Unfortunately, I can’t. Now I understand that my postal service is a day behind Wichita’s – we are considered “rural”. We don’t have postal trucks (weird, hu?), and, at times, I swear that we still must use the pony express to have our mail delivered. But, I seriously thought that if they shipped it when the said they did, it would be here by now.

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Bags And Birthdays

After Taylor’s swimming lessons yesterday, we had the chance to visit various fabric stores around town to look for andreamarie’s swap bag fabric. I have to say, I was very dissapointed. So, I scoured the internet (and found lots that I even liked for myself, but I’m trying not to shop for me!) and have place a few bids on ebay for some great pieces! Let’s just hope I win (and get them in time to make her bag)!

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