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I Cheated….

Well, I really just got lazy. I spent the rest of the morning working on the sleeves and decided that I really, really didn’t want to make my own bias binding. I did that for my original Hot Patterns Wrapture Jacket and while it looked good, it was quite a bit of work. I was also afraid that the twill I was using would create too much bulk. So, I broke down and purcsed a package of bias tape. Several hours later I had completed my Anthropologie Geranium Sweater Jacket look-alike!

I’m going to post a full review over at Pattern Review tonight – I’ll post a link incase anyone wants further information on how to make this jacket.

UPDATE I posted a review of the pattern on PR tonight. Here’s a link with more info on the changes I made to the jacket.

Project Details:

Inspiration: Anthropologie’s Sweater Jacket

Pattern: Simplicity 4230 (View A modified)

Jacket: Red and White floral stretch twill from Hancock Fabrics

Red stretch twill from Joann Fabrics

Inspriation list price……..$118.00

Materials & Cost:
Pattern……..$ .99


It’s Definately A Monday

I woke up this morning to golf ball size hail hitting the house, my body ached from Saturday’s softball practice (and a bit of golf on Sunday), and the phone has not stopped ringing this morning – it’s definately a Monday!
I’m determined to finish up this jacket tonight (I’ll post when I’m done). I trimmed off the excess fabric in the banding area in an attempt to soften it up a bit. I’m now working on the sleeves – let’s hope all goes well!

Jacket, Part Deux

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my jacket today, but I did manage to attach the collar:

Of all the problems that I thought I would run into, the collar was not one of them. But after constructing the collar and attaching it to the jacket, I realized that the collar is HUGE. I spent about 45 minutes fiddling with it to scale it down to a smaller size. I think that I finally have it the way that I want it!

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I Love Close-Ups

My jacket fabric has been cut! Thankfully Anthropologie has that zoom feature on all their clothing, so I’ve been closely studing the sleeves and the red band around the jacket midsection. I finally decided that for both of these areas, I’m going to made strips of fabric and sew them together to give it the layered, ‘ribbed’ look.

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Anthropologie Jacket Knock-off

As another entry into Pattern Review’s RTW knock-off contest, I decided on one of Anthropologie’s sweater jackets. I love the print, but darn if it isn’t hard to find something similar out there. I scoured the internet for days searching several sites and wound up finding some similar fabric at Hancock Fabrics. It’s a stretch twill (not like the sweater knit in the inspiration jacket) that will need to be washed several times to get a better hand. I’ll also need to find some solid stretch red twill for the bindings and waist section, but I figure that will be much easier to find! The pattern itself will require some alteration, not something I’m motivated to tackle right now.