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Linky Thursday

Keep your furry friend cozy this winter with a fleece pet bed (and it should look great in your house too).

Need an apron, fast? This one uses a purchased towel, some fun fabrics, and 30 minutes!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your sewing room by stitching up this cute, heart pincushion.

Have an Among Us fan in your house? Then you’ll definitely want to stitch them up an Imposter plush!

This A-Frame organizer is a great way to keep your purse, sewing room, car, or living room organized.

I am a huge fan of overnighter style duffels. I love the different style options with this one.

Use your Cricut Maker to cut the fabric you need to make this cute Valentine’s Day Quilt.

I’m watching it snow outside as I type this and I’m thinking, “I could really use a hat like this today.”

Sitch yourself up a sweatshirt tunic with this free pattern.

Enter to win one of 5 LED sewing machine light kits.

While it’s not a sewing tutorial, this Valentine’s mug is so easy that you’ll want to whip out your sharpies and make a few.

Baby Green & More

I’ve purchased a few “time sensitive” (i.e. Valentine’s Day, more Bernie mitten’s designs, etc.) that need to be stitched out before the holiday (or we start getting tired of seeing the Bernie memes) passes. So, yesterday I decided to tackle a couple of embroidery designs.

First up, “Baby Green” (aka Baby Yoda, Grogu, or The Child) as a Valentine’s Day bookmark. First off, I need a new shade of green. This one is really green and with those little heart antennae, he looks like a Martian. Secondly, the (inside) ears suck. This is the third set of these type of designs and the right ear always shreds the vinyl. These were so bad that I wound up having to put a fusible stabilizer behind it so that when it came time to do the black outline, it didn’t jam up my machine, or completely ruin the bookmark. They turned out ok and are still giftable (they are for my kids), but I really need to figure out what is happening there.

My second project is a fun, Punk’s Not Dead keychain. This was bought on a whim because it reminded me of my brother-in-law who plays bass in a punk band in his spare time.

Leopard Lounge

I channeled my inner Carol Baskin and made a new lounge set. Admittedly, there is a lot of print going on, even for me. But, it’s loungewear and won’t really make it out of the house so I’m totally embracing it. I present to you, my finished athleisure: Made for Mermaid’s Sporty Piko top and Seamwork’s Mel Joggers, all in a taupe, French Terry leopard print from SoSewEnglish fabrics (the black French terry used for the cuffs, neckband, and waistbands are also from SoSewEnglish).

If you’re interested in reading more about my version of Seamwork’s Mel, you can check out this post from a few weeks ago. Today, I want to talk a little bit about the Sporty Piko. For starters, this is not my first time working with this pattern. In fact, I was really disappointed in my first attempt, but decided to give it a second chance because I’ve seen it used so many times in loungewear recently. Knowing that my first shirt was so large when I used my regular size, I opted to go down one size for this version. The end result was still loose, but more fitted that what I was after for loungewear. I think I could have cut in between sizes and gotten the look I was after this time, but his sizing might be better for “everyday” tees instead – something to play around with if I made this pattern again.

Overall this is a super comfy set, but the next time I stitch this up, I’ll opt to use a coordinating solid to break up the design some.

Bernie Mittens

Even if you didn’t vote for Bernie during the primaries, you have to appreciate the memes that have featured him after the inauguration. I’ve enjoyed them so much that when Off With Their Threads came out with a Bernie Mittens Grumpy Chic snap tab design, I couldn’t resist buying it. I even stitched some out immediately!

I wound up using some fun glitter vinyl and stitched one in a “basic” blue (all from MyPunkBroidery) to create a couple of keychains and a bag tag. I’ve been very pleased with the quality and consistency of their vinyls – they have all stitched up beautifully. Eventually, I have to try some of their vinyls in a purse and see how they sew with a standard machine.

Linky Thursday

Hip bags are the perfect way to stash essentials when on a walk, hiking, or just out with the dog. Make one for yourself and find out how great they are!

Looking to use up scraps or have a great collection of fabrics you want to show off? Then be sure to check out this lumbar patchwork pillow.

The Super Bowl is just weeks away. If you’re planning to serve chili on the big day, then you’ll probably want to stitch up a few of these bowl cozys. Thinking cheese dip instead? Then don’t forget about making some tortilla warmers.

Looking for some cute ways to give Valentine’s gifts this year? Why not stitch up one of these mini treat bags? They’re perfect for presenting snack or gift cards!

I’ve been a longtime fan of Maiden Jane’s t-shirt quilts. She and her talented daughter (I bought even bought a cityscape pillow and a couple of dopps bags this Christmas) have paired up for a great sewing giveaway. This is a Facebook only giveaway, so you’ll need an account and follow the instructions to enter.

Cosmetic bags are a great way to keep your makeup organized, perfect for travel, or even give as a gift. Learn how to make one here.

We still have 58 more days of winter, which means there’s still plenty of time to sew up this decorative snow globe pillow. Looking for something just to spruce up your living space instead? Learn how to insert an invisible zipper into a pillow for a quick transformation.

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

More Fabric In

The mail has finally caught up with all my packages – so rounding out the mail yesterday was this bundle (along with an adorable penguin print and hounds tooth kitty design that arrived a few days ago. Both currently in the wash) from Blended Threads.

I am planning on doing a hoodie with the stripes and panels. Although, for the life of me, I can’t find the pattern that I originally had in mind for this so I may just go with Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Aspen – these stripes definitely need to be highlighted! The “inked” print is an athletic knit and will likely become some sort of leggings since they are on the beefier side and I’m not sure how that would work as a top. I can’t wait to sew all of these up!

T-Shirt Refashions

Sometimes we all just want to work on a project without having to start from scratch. T-shirt refashions are great “instant gratification” project and my article in the Spring issue of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine can give you the inspiration to get you started!

For this article I show you how to embellish tees by adding sleeve details, pocket embroidery (both on the pocket and those fun “peek-a-boo” designs that poke out from the top, and creating a cutwork piece along the shoulder and neckline. All of these projects can be created in an afternoon and are super fun to wear. Be sure to check out this issue on newssstands now and let me know what you think!

Kodak Sweatshirt

Some of the fabrics that I had pre-ordered last year are finally starting to trickle in – like this fabulous Blocked Retro French Terry from Blended Threads.

This was one of my first experiences buying form Blended Threads and I was not disappointed (it did take FOREVER for the fabric to get here, but that had more to do with Canadian and US postal services running slow)! This French Terry is some of the beefiest that I’ve worked with, but it still has great stretch and a luxurious feel on the exterior…. I immediately had regrets that I did not buy more. I knew that when I bought this that I wanted to make some sort of retro shirt (maybe even a sweatshirt) so I decided to mash up my concept together to make this – a modified Jalie 3355 sweatshirt. I used the body of the shirt “as is”, but lengthened the bands (the cuffs by 2″, the waistband by 9″) so that they fitted more like a shirt in these areas.

Unfortunately, I could have used another 1/2 yard of this fabric so that I could have matched the sleeve stripes to the shirt, but I think I like the placement of them as they are. Overall, I’m just in love with the end result of this shirt – it reminds me of the Kodak stripes, but muted. Hence, this shirt will forever be named, The Kodak Sweatshirt.

  • Pattern: Jalie 3355 (stash)
  • Fabric: Blended Threads French Terry, $33.16
  • Notions (stash)
  • Total Project Price, $33.16

Linky Thursday

I love wrap tops and dresses. They look great on every body type and they’re a nice change of pace to sew. If you love them too, then you’ll want to check out this tutorial for an easy wrap dress.

I wish I had a cat to sew for because I’d totally make this cat bed.

These Love Koi Plush are so adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day gift giving!

If you’re looking to start decorating for Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to sew, here’s a fun tutorial for a printable bunting.

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

If you’ve been wanting to reduce your waste around your house, you’ll want to look into these reuseable baby wipes.

Hair scrunchies are the perfect projects for beginners and a great way to sew up scraps. Plus your hair will thank you this summer!

Want the fun of piecing together a project without the commitment of working on a quilt? Then be sure to check out these Log Cabin Hexi Potholders.

Everyone loves a zippered pouch – they’re easy to sew and great for stashing loose items, travel, or gift giving.


It may still be winter outside, but the spring issue of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is starting to hit newsstands – which means that I can finally show you one of my projects inside: The Aloha Hoodie.

If this project looks familiar to you, it’s because I loved this top so much that after I finished the article last year, I decided to make one that I could wear right away, but without the embroidery (most of the projects that I create need to be sent in 6 months or so before they appear in the magazine). In both projects, I used the Carlton Crop Hoodie (but any purchased hoodie pattern will work) and paired up a tropical print reverse french terry (purchased from SoSewEnglish Fabrics, but no longer available) with hibiscus embroidery designs that were used along the seamline on the front piecing and hood. To add even more texture to this hoodie, I used a white, knit quilted fabric (which is only available in this colorway through a bundle) for the front, back and hood – if you have a chance to buy some of this, I highly recommend it, it’s definitely unique and cozy (but even though it’s a knit, it does have limited stretch, so don’t plan on using it with something very fitted).

Be sure to grab your copy soon! And be sure to share your versions with me!