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This afternoon’s forecast calls for snow, so it only makes sense to stay in and sew. I decided that I wanted to make a new raglan sweatshirt to wear for this weekend’s soccer games so I’m going back to the drawing board with the Aspen. I purchased a mint\coral bundle from So Sew English recently and decided they would work perfectly with this pattern if I made a few modifications (I briefly mentioned what I wanted to do in my post from the other day so I won’t rehash everything). Hopefully, this turns out the way I envision it, but I figure if it doesn’t, I’ll have plenty enough left over to try something else.

Linky Thursday

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I’m going to admit that I had to look up what a cocade was…. what I do know is that this ribbon embellishment is gorgeous.

I’ve been seeing ads for egg collection aprons all over social media lately. I’m glad that someone finally came up with a pattern for one!

Looking to venture into making your own lingerie? Then you’ll want to check out the free Hyacinth Bralette pattern.

Finding shirts that are long enough for leggings is always a struggle. This long raglan version is just perfect, though.

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I have a soft spot for chickens – which is probably why these little stuffies caught my eye.

The Aspen

Do you ever feel like not doing a part of a project, so you decide to work on something else? In my case, I didn’t feel like inserting a zipper (into a knit, bleh). Actually, I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel like cutting interfacing so that I could put in the zipper… which is the first step of the hoodie I wanted to make. So instead, I finally printed off the Aspen Pullover and made myself this pattern.

The Aspen is an interesting little top with a kangaroo pocket (the stripe section is actually a panel that is partially sewn to the shirt front so that it creates a pocket), raglan sleeves, a bit of piping, and either a ring or cowl neckline. I really struggled to find fabrics that worked together for this one, so I put together this striped French terry (I only had purchased 1 yard so it was perfect for this project) and a knit that I had found at Joann’s quite some time ago. I actually had to use the ‘wrong side’ of the gray knit as it had gold specks on the ‘right side’ and didn’t work with the stripe at all. While they are two different fabrics, they do have a similar drape (although the weights are slightly different) so they seem to work together well.

Overall, putting the Aspen together was quite simple, but clearly more time consuming than a traditional sweatshirt. Most of the extra time is spent adding piping (I used a fabric strip instead) and centering and sewing the panel onto the front of the shirt. Once you get past all of that, this top has a pretty straighforward construction (do make sure that you read the instructions as you go along, some elements have a smaller seam allowance).  As for the fit, you can expect the Aspen to be a lot more fitted than a traditional sweatshirt – so if you’re on the cusp for sizing, definitely go with the larger one.

Now for my overall impression: I’m not sure if it’s the fabric I selected, the fit, the pattern itself, or a combination of all 3, but I feel like I’m wearing an apron when you look at me head on… I don’t see it in the inspiration photos on the Peek-a-boo site so I’m guessing it’s just my fabric. I think if I make this again, I’ll try a panel instead. In the mean time, I may size this one up, widen the neckline, and eliminate the panel to make a raglan sweatshirt for this week…. believe it or not, they’re predicting snow!


Fiesta Flair

The latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery will be hitting newsstands soon where you can check out my latest project, the Fiesta Flair Table Runner, which is also on the cover of this issue.

Unfortunately, this is one of those projects that you actually need an embroidery machine to achieve this look (a lot of times you can create the project without the designs). For this runner, I used a blend of Urban Threads Las Flores designs a purchased trim, and lots of tassels. If you haven’t made a tassel before, I highly recommend it – they’re easy to make and give you the freedom to create any color you need!


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! Unfortunately this weekend was filled with games, egg dying, and festivities so I didn’t do much in the sewing room to show off. I can attest to some egg kits that we tried this year. The two that caught our eye were Paas’ Color Whip (essentially a food grade foam and dye technique) and Dudley’s Volcanic Eggs (color crystals that stick to a wet egg then fizz when vinegar is dropped on them).

The results? They both look exactly alike. Both were very messy, but was good entertainment for everyone. The foam kit was a lot more work (you had to make the foam with the mix, water and a mixer – shaving cream would have been much easier), but the Volcanic Eggs were a lot messier (go figure) and there wasn’t a lot of color crystals to dye eggs (we may have been very generous with applying them). You can see our efforts below:



Linky Thursday

Not only with this machine cover keep your sewing machine dust free, it’s reversible so you can change up the decor any time you feel like it.

Easter is this weekend. There’s no better way to spruce up your kitchen than with one of these cute Ruffle Bunny Appliqued Towels.

Love vintage patterns? This Wiki catalogs a variety of brands and eras for you to pour over. From what I can tell there are no actual patterns on this site, but if I’m wrong, be sure to let me know where to find them!

Sewing for baby is always fun, but these knee patch pants are even better (FYI these are cut with the Cricut Maker, but you could easily cut this yourself with her free downlodable pattern).

Speaking of cutting machines. This is a great article on how to cut vinyl (2 different ways) without one!

This bunny outfit is so much cuter than what Ralphie had to wear in A Christmas Story.

DIY Fluffies has some of the most adorable plush. Enter to win 2 of their kits and make some for yourself!

I recently saw someone sporting a beautiful “bow tie” even clutch and thought how elegant it looked. This week, I stumbled across this tutorial. My own version may have to happen.

There are a lot of bag patterns out there, but so few of them are for men. However, this messenger is designed for guys in mind.

This kimono wrap is so light an airy because it’s made from scarves.

Mini zippered pouches would make excellent basket stuffers – they work for the older kids too!

Camo Sweatshirt

Do you ever find yourself going back to the same pattern, even though you have a wide selection to chose from? I think Jalie 3355 is my “go-to pattern” for Easton… although this one wasn’t easy. I barely had enough material to make this – it took a lot of creative placement (and tracing the pattern onto the fabric so that I was positive everything would fit), and a slightly uneven hem band (when folded in half, I was able to even it up) to pull this sweatshirt off. But, it was worth it. I like the way it turned out and it feels cozy – so hopefully Easton feels the same. Now, it’s onto my own make with the same fabric!

And the Winner is…

In my (internal) debate as to which hoodie to make, I finally decided on Ottobre. What won me over? For starters, I know that Ottobre patterns have always fit me well (although it’s been quite some time since I’ve purchased a magazine). Plus, I knew that I only wanted a zip up hoodie design so I was wasting my money with Do It Better Yourself’s version. To top it off, the Ottobre was under $5.

So, yesterday, I downloaded Ottobre’s pattern, taped it together, then realized that I still need to trace off the pattern in my size. I hadn’t realized that when you purchase their digital patterns that they look just like the fold out sheets (road map style) in the magazines. I also forgot (until after I traced everything off) that seam allowances weren’t included, DOH! It was a good thing I realized this before I started cutting. Speaking of cutting, I also decided on a fabric: So Sew English’s distressed knit camo. I purchased this fabric shortly after I made my distressed tee late last year (I loved the way my finished tee looked and felt that I couldn’t resist getting this one too) and have been hanging onto it for “just the right project”.

Needless to say that between the taping, tracing, and cutting this is all I accomplished yesterday. I do have enough camo fabric left over that I think I can (strategically) squeeze a shirt for Easton out of it – I plan on seeing what I can do with it this morning.

Back from a Break

So I probably should have declared last week (spring break) a “blogging holiday” because I am pretty sure that I didn’t walk once into my sewing room. Now that I’m recharged (maybe that’s the wrong word, because I’m still feeling pretty tired from vacation), I’m ready to tackle all those projects that I’ve had rolling around inside my brain. First up? Sweatshirts and hoodies.

It’s still chilly here and I’m thinking my wardrobe to could with some new items to layer in. I have been itching to make a zip-up hoodie for myself for awhile, but discovered that I don’t really have a simple pattern for women (I do have Jalie’s zip front version, but it’s “pieced” and I’m really just looking for a straight-forward design). I started searching and realized – there just aren’t a lot of patterns out there  like what I’m looking for, but I did stumble across this version from Ottobre and this one from Do it Better Yourself Club (which also has lots of options, but I’ll be honest, I’m probably going to only make the long sleeved zip-up version). I’m still mulling over which one I’ll try.

Linky Thursday

Sloths are even cuter in plush form. Looking for something more in line with the upcoming holiday? This stuffed bunny looks so soft and snuggly.

Grab your free Sienna drawstring top when you use code SINCLAIR22 at checkout.

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Fabric bowls and trays are definitely making their way around the internet again. This week are two new versions this one for a 30 minute bowl and this one for a quilted tray.

These cute little patchwork coasters are a great way to use up scraps and look fun to sew, too.

I’ve noticed that twist tops are making a comeback. Sew your own with this free pattern.

We spent 4 hours at an arcade yesterday and gave myself a cramp in my neck from playing so much Pac-Man…. I really could have used one of these DIY Microwavable Heating Pads.

Need a more adult version of an Easter basket? This one sews up in about a hour or upcycle fabric into this pretty braided version.