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Pocket Full of Poppies

Looking for a trendy pair of pants that’s perfect for spring? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out my article in the Summer 2020 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery. I used the Pagosa Pants pattern for this article, a large poppy border print around the legs, and a coordinating design on the pockets. The end result is simply eye-catching!

As for the pattern, it was extremely easy to put together and I thought the fit was great. I was a bit hesitant on how a wide leg capri might look on my height, but I think it works (and would probably look even better if I threw on a pair of heels while wearing them) and they are very comfy to wear – they might be the pants that ease me back into wearing pants (LOL)!

Mystery Box

I’m a sucker for mystery boxes because I did it again. I bought another from SoSewEnglish. Here’s what was inside.

The top fabric is a charcoal gray cottony knit with a small stripe. I really like this one because it’s one of the few fabrics that I have that work for boy\men. When we finally stop wearing nothing but pajamas around here, maybe I’ll be able to use it for some Nicos.

The middle material is a slub knit sweater knit. I adore the color and it actually coordinates with the double brush poly stripe below it. I intend on using this material in part with a different project, but if I have enough material left over, I may try an off the shoulder sweatshirt pattern with this.

All in all, this was another winning bundle. I should probably stop ordering fabrics and start putting them to good use, but the motivation is currently low. I’m hoping that when we finally wrap up school June 2, that I’ll find my mojo again.

Linky Thursday

Shirtdresses look flattering on all sorts of body types and this Lantana pattern is absolutely stunning!

Love llamas? This pattern will show you how to stitch one up.

I have saved old sheets to use for future pajama pants. This pattern highlights this “fabric” and can be made in 15 minute.

If your outdoor space or reading nook is in need of some seating, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun pyramid bean bag chair tutorial.

Enter to win a beautiful Kaffe Fassett fat quarter bundle.

Salons still not open? No worries, tame your locks with a new headband – this article has over 20 different styles just for women.

Hurry and grab The Ultimate Wallet Pattern, one of So Sew Easy’s most popular sellers, for free! Hurry, this offer only lasts for a week.

Learn how to make a strap or belt for almost any project you can think of!

Star Wars Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to sew up this Darth Vader Sock Doll.


Spring has decided to take a break for awhile, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sew up Jalie‘s new Romy sweater pattern. I searched my stash and pulled out a super soft (and slightly fuzzy) gray, ribbed sweater knit that I’ve been holding onto for just the right occasion and set to work.

Let me start off by saying that the Romy has to be one of the easiest patterns of the new collection. It has 4 pieces and no hems (instead it has bands) so construction comes together very quickly and is perfect for beginners or those who want to try knit patterns. The end result is a loose fitting, batwing design that is super cozy to wear. I had the chance to wear this one out yesterday (the photo on the right is everything I used to pull this look together) and it felt great, so it’s definitely a winner in my book. Today I’m trying to figure out how I can extend this pattern into a “spring” style (less sweater, more top) and may try making this in a lightweight, slightly sheer cotton.

Brooklyn V2

I decided to attempt the Brooklyn again – this time I made sure to cut out my fabric without any distractions so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. (Just a quick back story, I made a different version several weeks ago, but got distracted while on the phone and cut the hemline CRAZY. I attempted to salvage it, but it was still a hot mess).

Thankfully, this version came out exactly as I had envisioned it… and it’s definitely love. Now that it’s finished, let’s talk a bit about the pattern! When it comes to construction, this pattern is pretty simple. Although, with all the different style options available, you definitely need to pay attention to which pieces you are using (or how you cut the pattern\fabric) so you don’t need to recut. The instructions are easy to follow and the pieces came together nicely (although I never did see the notches for lining the front binding to the top itself). However, I am not a fan of the buttonholes. Normally you would interface the whole front facing (or at least the portion where the buttonholes are to be made), but the instructions have you interfacing the facing after it is constructed. It works, but just looks “messy”. I did manage to trim my interfacing very close to my finished buttonholes, but I would prefer a more professional finish.

As for the fit, it’s perfect! I do think that this top would benefit from an additional button or two so that the front facing lays flatter, but otherwise, I really love this design. Now if it would just get warm enough for me to wear it!

Masks V.5?

I had a request to make more masks. I had been tinkering with the fit of my current pattern with the face mask elastic, but was still not pleased with the fit (I still couldn’t get a standard fit between Bret and I, although it was better than “regular” elastic), so I started searching for a similar pattern, but with a potentially better fit. That’s when I found Victory Patterns’ free face mask. Not only did this pattern have 4 sizes, I found that it covered my face more that previous versions and cinched in the sides for a better fit. In the end, I wound up making a few changes:

I omitted the lining template and just used 2 front patterns. I did this because I didn’t see anyone using a filter with theirs and it made cutting the masks a whole lot faster (sewing probably went faster as well).

When it came to sewing, I simply place the two “front” pieces together, sewed around the edges and left an opening for turning. Once it was right side out, I sewed along the edges (which closed the hole that I turned), and then created a channel for the elastic by folding back the edges to the lining side. The face mask elastic is super stretchy and worked great with this pattern – it’s comfortable to wear and I like that the men’s is plenty large enough for Bret. Overall, this has become my favorite pattern – and it sews up fairly quickly too… which is a good thing because I’ve sewn 100s of these now and this definitely ramps up production. Ah yes, and I did a thing last week too. I dyed my hair purple – I figured it’s still going to be awhile until I can see my stylist so why not do something interesting.


Rounding out the last of the patterns I tested for Jalie, I present to you, the Florence! This cute little number is an adorable shirt dress (but can be made into a top as well) and it has POCKETS!

A lot of the details of this dress gets lost in the fabric design, but I can tell you it has a breast pocket and side pockets, buttons up the front, and has a mandarin collar. While it sounds like it might be a complicated sew, I can tell you that this came together very quickly and once again, the collar is perfection. This dress is so easy and breezy to wear, when the weather finally cooperates, I can see getting a lot of use out of it.

As far as the fit goes, this pattern does have a fair amount of ease, so don’t expect a fitted style. If you wanted something that has less ease, I would suggest going down a size or two and definitely select a very lightweight material (this crepe really is perfect).


Today would normally be a Linky Thursday post, but because I got behind yesterday (some days “home school” takes us longer to get through than others) and didn’t post, I thought I would round out the week with the rest of my Jalie tester projects. Today, I present the Maxime.

It’s no secret that I love jackets. Jalie always has some of the best designs that have very professional looking results and the Maxime is no exception – I’m pretty sure no one would ever guess that I made this. This pattern is perfect for a windbreaker, but I transformed mine into a rain jacket. For this version, I used a water repellent material for the outer shell and a sport mesh for the lining. So far, it’s held up to the rains very well!

As for construction, the Maxime does take a bit more time to work on than some of the other patterns from this collection, but the extra effort is totally worth it. The sewing isn’t difficult (yes, even with a zipper\zipper shield and collar!), however, you’ll want to take the extra time to make sure that everything lines up well (so when you do zip it, you have great results and I’m overly weird with how my pocket flaps must line up). I will say, the collar is one of the nicest that I have ever installed in a jacket.

Now, let me spend a minute on the fabric. It was persnickety. Both of them. Overall the water resistant material was better to work with than what I expected, but I did spend a lot of my time testing needles and stitches. But what really gave me pains was the sport mesh lining. While the outer shell material was very stable, this fabric was not and wanted to stretch out of shape constantly. I like the feel of it as a liner and it looks very professional on the inside, but I’m not sure that I would use that as a lining again.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this jacket and have found myself using it a lot (especially since we tend to get a lot of sprinkles and rain around here). Easton also loves this jacket and thankfully it’s still a bit to big for him, otherwise I’d never get it back. I had plans to sew up one for the spring with a fleece lining to wear for soccer games, but put that one hold for now since soccer has canceled, but definitely expect more of these in the future.


In today’s new Jalie pattern, I’m showing you the Coco. Even if you don’t work out, you’ll definitely want to put this one on your list – not just because it’s a fun and quick sew, but the crossover back and the ability to color block makes this sports bra look very ready to wear.

Unfortunately all I had saved was my tester photos (and I’m not showing you those because I looked like a hot mess), but here she is on my dressform… and let me tell you she looks much prettier in person (and looks fabulous with the Clara leggings – the high waist gives you a bit more coverage if you’re not wanting such an exposed midriff).


Today is the day. Today, Jalie has released 13 new patterns! I had the privilege of being able to test a few of them, so I thought I would spend the week showing you some of my makes.

I thought I would kick off with one of my favorites, the Jeanne, a knit PJ set that is perfect lounge wear for quarantine! This set sports a long sleeved top (I have plans for hacking the sleeves so I can wear it when the weather is warmer) and slim fit pants with cuffs. For this version, I used a camo print and a matching solid double brushed poly from SoSewEnglish Fabrics – they turned out so soft and cuddly, I don’t want to get out of them (and fortunately I don’t have to lately).