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Linky Thursday

Whether you’re going to a sewing class, retreat, or just taking your machine with you on vacation, this Notions Tote is perfect for carrying all your supplies with you wherever you go!

Enter to win this 5 thread overlock machine. This is the same brand\style that I’m currently using – it’s a workhorse and has served me so well.

It’s HOT outside! This breezy linen top will help keep you cool and looks stylish doing it.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people making bucket hats in sewing groups lately. If you’re looking for a free pattern to make you own, try this version – it’s even reversible!

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake’s Hibiscus.

If you’re spending more time outdoors on your deck or patio, you’ll definitely want to check out this easy tutorial on sewing up some cozy cushions for your furniture.

I’m in the process of cleaning my sewing room (it’s a mess!) and if you’re like me, you need more storage. These fabric storage bins are a great solution, help sew up your stash, and are an instant gratification project!

Looking for a top that stands out in your wardrobe? Need something for a date night? Or just a new look to wear to work? Be sure to check out this Butterfly Sleeve Top pattern and tutorial.

Apparently, I have a thing about pineapple quilts because I found another really cute one today! This one definitely screams summer!

This strawberry basket was designed for children, but after seeing it, I kind of want one too!

If your summer plans include a picnic, music\theater\movies in the park, outdoor firework viewing, etc. you’ll be needing one of these outdoor padded roll-n-go cushions.

Wee Tee

Today’s project is a simple baby tee from Patterns for Pirates (as a bonus, it’s FREE!). I made sure I LABELED my pieces so I knew which side what which (although this pattern had a more obvious front and back), but went ahead and put tags on all the garments that I’ve made so that it’s easy to distinguish.

For this version, I used a remnant penguin print from Blended Threads that I had used in a project last year (it was just enough for this tee and probably enough for a matching burp cloth) and a bit of black cotton spandex from Girl Charliee. I went with a short sleeved (because it’s still going to be hot when this baby arrives), banded tee version – it was easy to put together and all the pieces went together nicely. If you’re searching for a basic infant pattern, this is a great pattern to start with!

Sweet Pea Layette

Are you ready for more baby goodies? I hope so because I’m fairly certain that most of this week will be filled with a lot more!

Today’s make is another Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Lullaby Line Baby Gown and matching (double) knotted hat. It probably comes as no surprise that it is in more Sweet Pea fabric. Since I’ve reviewed this pattern before, I’ll skip that section, but I will note: Make sure you label your front and backs… I’m 95% sure I messed this up because I didn’t mark these ahead of time and guessed what I was working with. I’m pretty sure I have these backwards, but didn’t notice until the whole gown was put together. The only way that I know this, is because there seems to be some excess fabric in the “front” and it appears more straight across than the “back”. DRAT!

Sublimation Attempts

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to do any screen prints, but I stumbled across a new merchant and had to give them a try. I purchased this group from Dark & Divine and put them on several tees and a sweatshirt. I also picked up a few Hellfire Club sublimation prints from Bad Stitches, you can see the results here:

Speaking of sublimation… I used a few continuous sublimation designs (also from Bad Stitches) to make my own fabric! The results were pretty impressive:

I knew going in that I would need a high polyester count fabric to make these (these are done on a poly poplin that I found on Amazon), but I was still surprised at how vivid they look (especially the black backgrounds).

I did learn some very important things working on these. First off, always use a press cloth (or heat proof barrier) between the sublimation paper and the heat plate on your heat press (you’ll definitely need a heat press with this and not an iron) – otherwise you’ll see a bit of transfer on your next press. Secondly, make sure that press cloth is evenly distributed. If not, you’ll get uneven heat distribution and find that the color won’t be even (which is why one part of the “Miss Argentina” design is lighter at the bottom). Lastly, make sure that your fabric can withstand the high temperatures as they need to be pressed for a fair length of time. The fabric I purchased did well for the pressing time I needed to sublimate the fabric, but I did use a scrap as a press cloth and it definitely took a beating after I was done.

I’m very excited to give these sublimated prints a whirl with a small project (they are permanent so they shouldn’t fade if washed), but if I do this again in the future, I’ll have to be sure to pick up more than one print so I can use it for something more substantial (like a bag). In the mean time, I really enjoyed playing around with this technique!

Linky Thursday

I’d like to think that these decorative cleaning gloves would make domestic tasks more fun, but I’m not sure anything can do that.

If you’re headed out for summer vacation soon, you may want to look into these cotton packing bags. The would make great cosmetic totes, too!

This craft project bag is perfect for sneaking in a few minutes of work during all those summer practices, trips to the pool, and moments in the car.

It’s HOT outside! This shirred maxi dress looks like a great way to stay cool and still look cute.

I have several thread boxes in my sewing room and never thought that I need a special bag to carry it in. That is, until now.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, ice pop are a delicious way to stay cool. Enjoy the treat without freezing your fingers with this ice pop holder project.

This cute little jumper (overalls) can be made into shorts or a skirt. Either way, it’s an adorable summer look.

Enter to win a Hibiscus fat quarter bundle.

If you’re new to bag making, you’ll definitely want to check out this free Turning Japanese purse pattern.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people selling reuseable make up remover wipes for craft fairs (and apparently they’re a big seller!). Learn how to make your own – keeps some for yourself and gift the rest!

Like Peas in a Pod

Keeping in line with the Sweet Pea (baby gift) theme I have going one, I present my latest project: Peas in a Pod Plush!

I used Choly Knight’s pattern to make this stuffy. I had some fabric left over from my wasabi project so I wound up using those for the 3 peas. As for the faces, I used the same ones from the sushi plush that I sewed since they were already loaded onto my machine and they were the same size as what I needed for these.

I didn’t have any green minky fabric on hand, so I wound up making a trip to Joann’s and settled on a dark green plush (side note – this fabric is much thicker than a normal minky and sheds even worse. It was fine for a small project, but if it was any larger, I might dislike the material overall) for the exterior and more of the sweet pea fabric for the inside (because you know I like to coordinate). I did skip the zipper – not just because zippers in plush can be a pain in the rear, but because this is an infant toy and I didn’t want little fingers getting pinched.

Overall this was a very easy project to put together – it’s a great pattern to dip your toe into plush making and the results are adorable. Now on to a few more pea themed gifts to make this package complete!

More Minky

When it comes to baby blankets, everyone loves the cuddly-soft Minky… and I keep forgetting that it is the devil’s fabric. Every time I buy it, I try to convince myself that it will turn out great, only to struggle with it EVERY TIME. Especially Minky dot – why does it grow so much? (For comparison, my last stroller blanket was made with a printed Minky and I feel like I had a lot easier time with it than this style).

On the bright side, this project is behind me AND I got to use the adorable custom print I showed off yesterday. As a bonus the Minky matched the background of the sweet pea print pretty well!

Joann Custom Fabric Review

Last week I had mentioned that I decided to try out Joann’s customizable fabric and promised to give a review after I received it. Well, it arrived on Friday so it’s time to let you know what I thought of it all!

Ordering: All customizable fabric is ordered through the website (it appears to be the only thing you can not use the app with). You are limited to the designs on hand, but from there, you are able to adjust the colors, scale, and tiling. Once you’ve decided on your print, you can select your fabric base. There are 25 different fabric types available, but some fabrics have a minimum order. For example, I really wanted a print on their “Quilt Cotton”, but there was a 2 yard minimum and I didn’t need that much of this design. Overall, I found ordering very user friendly and fun to play around with. In the end I ordered 1 yard of a light weight quilt cotton and 1 yard of a jersey knit with a slightly smaller scale. Both were in the exact same colorway.

Printing\Shipping: According to the website, printing can take 7-10 business days. I purchased mine during a sale on custom fabric, so I expected it take closer to the 10 day mark. To my surprise it only took 8 business days! They shipped my package FedEx, so I received it 2 days later. I was definitely plesantly surprised.

The Fabric: Probably what you’re most curious about…. what I received! Here’s what the fabric looks like (sorry for the poor lighting, it was cloudy when I snapped the picture):

I realize that monitors can reflect colors differently, but this is the look I was after (it does look brighter in person)! Even though both fabrics are different materials, both have the exact same colorway – I’m thrilled! The print quality is very nice – I’m not noticing any variations of color in spots, flaking (the dye seems to have been embedded in the fibers and not just sitting on top of them), or bleeding. I have not pre-washed them so I can’t attest to how colorfast they are, though. (As a side note, I could have scaled down the jersey print just a smidge more).

As for the materials themselves, well, I may have to adjust what I order next time. The jersey material (left) is very soft, but it is on the thin side and only has 2-way stretch (with maybe 30% stretch at that). It’s perfect for the baby gear that I intend on sewing, but I would be disappointed if I had ordered this for myself (I’m guessing the 4 way stretch is the way to go). The lightweight quilt cotton is exactly as expected, thin. It’s not like a linen, but it is slightly see-through. Again, it works for what I intend on using it for (baby blanket, burp rags, etc.), but I would definitely spring for the (regular) Quilt Cotton, especially if I needed lots of yardage.

Final Thoughts: I wound up purchasing these custom prints from Joann’s because they had the design I was after (that I could tweak some to get it to look the way I wanted), they had a fast turn around time, and as a bonus, was on sale. While Spoonflower will generally be my more preferred shopping place (there’s a lot more print variety and, so far, I prefer their fabric bases), this is a great alternative.

Links for the Weekend

Good pressing is the key to making your projects look more professional. You don’t have to buy them, learn how to make your own! This pressing ham is a great place to start.

Long weekends (or a trip to the gym) is the perfect excuse to whip up this classic duffle (it also makes a great gift for dad, too).

With everything in full bloom (alright, not everything – I’m still waiting for my lilies to flower), there are lots of floral projects floating around the web. Check out these zinnia placemats, cute flower coasters, and a tutorial to make DIY flowers that you can use to decorate any project.

Keep any room tidy with this hang up organizer.

This wrap skirt promises not to “flash” anyone and only has one seam!

Finding sewing projects for dad is sometimes difficult, but this leather tool roll is definitely stand out.

Now keeping everyone int he family shaded is even easier: This bucket hat tutorial comes in 5 sizes!

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

If it’s too hot out to gift dad pajama pants, then make him… a pair of pajama shorts! This version even has pockets.

Corset tops are a hot summer look – perfect for a night out, festival wear, or just because. Learn how to make one here (these panels look fantastic with it too!).

Give your skirt a makeover. Learn how to sew one with a bubble hem.

Tattoo Princesses

Getting to be an aunt again means getting to make some fun baby gifts. Originally, I was hoping to have more goodies sewn, but I broke down and ordered some fabrics, even though I said I wasn’t going to. Now that some of them have arrived, I’m ready to get to work. First up, this fun Tattooed Disney Princesses top!

So, a little background: in his spare time, my brother in law plays in a punk band so this print totally screamed his name. Not only are each of these princesses tattooed, but they’re sporting band tees too. Unfortunately, the pattern I had purchased wound up not being exactly what I was after…. so I searched around and found a freebie to mash with it: In the end, I used Patterns for Pirates Wee Lap Tee for the bodice and the bottom portion of Petite Stitchery’s Baby Saffron for the gathered top. This allowed me to use a knit for the entire project (and not have to calculate how to cut the neckline) and still get the look I was after. Eventually, I’ll make a solid pair of leggings and a bow to go with it.