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The Weekend

Between being sick and a weekend soccer tournament, I got nothing accomplished. I had started a new Nico on Friday, but still have the hems and an vinyl image to place on the front before I consider it “finished”…. I’m still waffling on what I want to do with it, though.

Meanwhile, today it’s time to get back on track with projects – some “behind the scenes sewing” that I can’t share yet in addition to everything I have recently cut out. Hopefully I’ll have more to share tomorrow, like a new NIco!

Jingle all the Way

There are 73 days until Christmas and this may be the most prepared that I have ever been! Actually, I had a chance to test out Peek-a-boo’s new digital pattern, Jingle All the Way (which is currently on sale for $1 Off the listing price) and decided that I would make Easton a new pair of pjs.

Since I used a purchased tee for the SVG, I decided that I would make the flannel bottoms – so I used Peek-a-boo Patterns Freebie, the Pajama Party Pants. This was my first time sewing this pattern up and was pleased with the end result. The fit was good and the length was perfect for Easton (maybe a tad long, but I prefer them to be a little long to give him a bit of growing room)… but the real test was how he liked them. Let’s just say I can’t peel them off of him! One note about the fabric though, I wound up having to pick some up from Joann’s (because I didn’t pick up quite enough material from another store and they were closed when I was ready to cut). While it was a bargain (I believe it was on sale for something like $2.50\yd), it is thin and BLEEDS like crazy! In fact, parts of the white check are actually stained pink.

I also opted to make a second project with this cut file, a fun jingle shadow box. I’ve seen ones like these on Etsy selling for $30 or more and decided that I could make one for myself. To create this project, I placed a neutral paper in the back of the box, filled it with colorful bells, and placed the image on top of the glass. Depending on the size of the shadow box and the sales\coupons you hit, you could easily make this for under $15.

Linky Thursday

Who needs Burburry when you can make your own monogrammed poncho for so much less?

Blanket buddies are always fun and this one is perfect for Halloween.

This cute Wobisobi t-shirt hack says it’s great for workouts, but I think it would be fun with jeans too.

With snow already in the forecast for some parts of the US, this fleece ruffle skirt seems like a cozy way to dress adorably.

Bag organizers don’t just have to be for purses, this one looks perfect to use with totes, too!

Cozy up with a pretty fleece blanket (and cool pompom trim).

Learn how to make an infant crib sheet (and learn how to enter to win an infant\toddler mattress too).

Some day I will take all the t-shirts I’ve been hoarding and turn them into a quilt. This article on stabilizing tees for quilting may help too.

Years ago, I made Wonder Woman apronsnow you can too!

Win a Bridgette the Bear sewing pattern and kit.

It’s pumpkin season! Learn how to make easy fabric pumpkins, dye them using the shibori method, or just make yourself proclaiming you love of pumpkin spice!

Roll up brush kits are great for storing your makeup brushes and are handy for taking them on the go.

Protect your laptop and let the world know you’re a Mad Seamstress with this zipper pouch and printable tutorial.

Dem Bones Part 1

The weather turned cold(er) yesterday so I finally had a chance to wear my new Rainier Raglan…. and I discovered that the black fabric IS a problem. I have no other way to describe it except that it’s crunchy and stiff. Thankfully it’s just on the front and back so it doesn’t feel horrible to wear, but it’s not “comfortable” either.

I had plans to use this same material for the “Dem Bones” hoodie (sleeves, bands, and hood), but after wearing my shirt, decided to scrap it. Not only were the blacks totally different shades, I envisioned this being totally uncomfortable too (and since the fabrics are different weights, a PITA to sew too). So, I scrapped it and decided to hunt for new fabrics – I settled on a washed out black from Joann’s. It has a similar weight and is closer in tone to the original panel. I wound up purchasing enough to make part of a shirt for Easton as well (I have a panel, but nothing to go with it). Cross your fingers this works out!

Matching Tees

Between a weekend of fall festivals and soccer games, I managed to sneak in a few small projects this weekend. One of them was a request from Taylor: Shirts. Last year I made shirts for Taylor for her “big\little” reveal day at her sorority (because matching shirts make the best photos). So this year she asked if I could help out her “little” by making shirts for her this year – she supplied the vinyl and shirts and requested a small design on the pocket of each tee. The result is elegant and cute (you can see a bit of them on the photo on the left) and it’s true, they did make for great photos!


Easy Press

After a few weeks of waffling back and forth on whether to buy an Easy Press or not…. I finally caved. It arrived early this week and I tested it out already…. so far, it’s well worth the money!

While I don’t have a regular heat press to compare, I can say this was so much better than my home iron. Not only is the surface larger, but it gets hotter and doesn’t require the insane amount of pressure that I was applying previously. So far, the only drawback would be the actual size it can press – it may be a bit small for large scale designs, but seeing that I don’t do those too often, it may not be that big of a deal.

Since I purchased this, I also bought some new heat transfer vinyl – a few glitters, some flocked (which I need to research on how to cut and press), and printed vinyl (which requires a different technique than what I’m used to).

Now I can’t wait to try this again! Be on the lookout for a lot of fun tees!

Linky Thursday

Need an elegant, box pleat skirt for yourself or little girl? The Paris Party dress comes in 21 sizes!

Even though my husband claims soup is not a meal, with the weather turning colder, I find a hot bowl of soup very satisfying. This year I may finally have to make these soup bowl hot pads so we can eat chili on the couch for Super Bowl.

Need a quick costume? This Kitty Cat is simple to make and fun to wear! Need something spookier? Try this dead roses witch hat instead.

I have been seeing a lot of these glitter shake pouches in stores. This would make great stocking stuffer this year!

Last week I posted tutorials on making rope baskets and rugs, this week it’s a very cool tote. I am really going to have to try this!

My dog has claimed several pieces of furniture as his own. I would probably need to make several protective pet throws. I might just be better off making some of these fabric dog bones instead.

Get your little girl ready for cooler weather by stitching up some comfy leggings.

Need leggings in adult sizes? The Peg Leg pattern has been extraordinarily popular. Then after you’re done making leggings, stitch up tunics to go with them!

If you’re looking for a new wallet but are intimidated by some of the patterns out there, this version looks simple to make.

Does your little girl want to dress up, but costumes aren’t really appropriate? Meet them halfway with this Mermaid Skirt tutorial.

I have always loved braided Christmas wreaths, especially in bright colors. Now you can make one for your door this year.

National Taco Day

Happy National Taco Day! As if I didn’t have plenty of other projects to work on, I decided that we needed to celebrate in style and whipped up a new shirt for Easton (I had plans on making something for myself, but ran out of time).

For this tee, I used the Jalie Nico, a taco print fabric, and fun themed design (I edited it slightly) that I found on Etsy. I wound up having to use my sewing machine for much of this shirt (because I was too lazy to change my serger thread) and I have to admit, I really missed my differential feed. Overall, not bad for a quick whip up, but I’m not sure how I feel about those sleeves… too much?

First Up

If you caught last week’s post, then you know that I had mentioned that I spent an entire day cutting out projects. The first one I tackled was the Rainier Raglan (I opted for 3/4 sleeves this time), a teal floral print from Knitpop, and a mystery black stretch.

Since this wasn’t my first time making this pattern, I pretty much skipped the instructions, but have found that the Rainier Raglan is well written and comes together nicely. Now the fabric is another story. The black? It is way too thick. Since I can’t remember where I got this one, I don’t remember my original intent for it, but I’m pretty sure that it might have been yoga pants because that’s what the feel reminds me of (although more synthetic than most yoga pants). Because there is such a dramatic difference between the weights of the floral (which is a double brushed poly) and the black, I have a bit of waviness around the shoulder seams which probably isn’t that noticeable to anyone other than myself. I am using this black material again for the Jalie hoodie, but since it’s only for the sleeves and hood, I don’t think it will matter much.

As for the fit, it’s spot on. I thought that the thickness of the black might be an issue, but it actually works well and is flattering on. Now if it will finally cool off outside, I can finally wear this out!

Lots of Cutting

My initial plan yesterday was to finish binge watching Riverdale and stitching up a pair of Eleonore jeans. Even though I find that cutting is my least favorite sewing activity, I found myself on some sort of roll and wound up (tracing) and cutting a few more projects (and never actually got to any sewing). Here’s a breakdown of some of the upcoming projects you’ll be seeing soon:

The Eleonore Jeans. I’ve made this project before and love the results, but finding a good stretch denim is sometimes hard. I stumbled across this Vivid Pink stretch denim at Emma One Sock awhile ago and couldn’t resist picking it up.

Total Cost: $24.17


The Rebel Choker. I recently made a version of this top and loved it so much I decided to make another. I had a strong urge to do this one in camo, but finding what I wanted was difficult (lots of French terry and sweatshirt materials), but stumbled across a double brushed poly bundle listing at SoSewEnglish fabrics for 4 yards for $20 and grabbed one. I now have plenty of left over material to work on other projects too.

Total Cost: $20

I recently saw a cute Cricut project for a cassette tape tee. Then I stumbled across this print at Joann’s and decided that I had to make a shirt with both of these elements. For this project, I’m using my favorite men’s pattern, the Nico, the cassette tape print, and a gray remnant that I found in my stash.

Total Cost: $8.59


Last year I bought a cool Dem Bones panel (with has an almost x-ray looking skeleton torso with a front and back panel view) from RikiPedia Wear with the intent on making a cool sweatshirt\hoodie for Halloween and a concert we were attending. I got sidetracked and it just never happened. Since October is right around the corner, I’m not letting this one sit in the stash another year so I’m using the Jalie Hoodie pattern to finally make this happen.

Total Cost: ???

Someone had recently posted about a raglan shirt that they had wanted to make using a teal\pink floral print with a black body…. and I fell in love. Honestly, I had never thought of that fabric combination before (I had actually purchased that exact print from Knitpop this spring along with a matching pink material instead) so I’ve decided to give it a whirl. For this one I’m using Peek-a-boo Patterns Rainier Raglan and a solid black jersey (although it feels much thicker, but I have no idea where I got it from) that I found in my stash…. I’m thinking I originally purchased it to make yoga pants because it has a much heavier weight than most fabrics I have in my stash.

Total Cost: $8.95

There were a few more that I was inclined to make, but ran out of time to cut… these should keep me busy for awhile anyway! What’s on your cutting table this weekend?