Beauty Bags

Whelp, after 3 years of escaping Covid, it’s finally hit our house this weekend. Fortunately, I managed to finish up a few projects before coming down with the virus, so let’s kick it off with these adult themed “anatomy” beauty bags.

I’ve made this pattern numerous several times now, making a few changes here and there. This time around I kept the pattern full size (because bigger is better, right?), but changed the zipper insertion slightly (I used the Butler method) because I feel like it gives a cleaner look in the end. Of course what makes these bags “adult” is the fabric and pulls. I snagged these uterus and penis pulls from RC Threadcraft and decided that I needed to start putting them to good use. Believe it or not, I had the penis fabric on hand (I had a friend who wanted a mask made from penis fabric a few years ago and unfortunately this print was way too large) and have previously used the uterus fabric for this exact bag. I also found some coordinating vinyls that worked with each fabric and am very pleased with the end results. When I’m finally released from the house, I plan on shipping these off to a friend.

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