Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting

The bulk of yesterday (and this morning) have been spent cutting and interfacing a variety of different bag projects (I also have a couple strike fabric sews that I’m almost ready to share, too!) which include a couple of Peek-a-Boo Beauty bags, a Zippy Clutch, and the new LindsHandmade pattern, The Mav Pack.

I honestly had no intention on sewing up the Mav Pack, but I’ve seen so many now that I started getting FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that I decided to pick it up the other day. LOL. Seriously, though, I did see several completed bags that really changed my mind on this pattern. I’m excited to try it out and see what all the excitement is about, though.

Also in the works…. a sewing room overhaul. When we moved almost 4 years ago, I had to downsize my space some, both in total sewing area and in storage. While I’ve made this work for awhile, I’m starting to have some serious issues in organization and storage – especially since I’ve taking up sewing more bags (which means more patterns, interfacing, and a ton more notions). In an attempt to keep the space “cute but functional”, I’m leaning toward a shelving system (to house books, patterns, the Cricut, some vinyl, etc.) and very possibly a pegboard to keep track of frequently used items. As much as I’d like a new table, I just can’t find anything I like better.

Any tips on how you keep your room organized, furniture finds, and pegboard ideas\uses are greatly appreciated!