Dress Robes

When I was at Universal last month, I came “this close” to buying myself a Hufflepuff purse (they have since replaced it with this mini backpack and if they had that when I was there, I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting it!). Since I talked myself out of the original bag, I decided that I would make one on my own… so here we are today, trying out some things so I can make this happen.

I purchased this cute little embroidery design this morning with the intention on using it with the Mav Pack sewing pattern (which I also bought this morning, I KNEW I should have gotten it when it was on sale!). Today was just a little test to see how I can make this work, the colors (the yellow thread is going to definitely have to change), and to see how thick this is going to be if I use all vinyl. So far, so good! I definitely need to make a few changes, but I’m excited about the direction this is going!